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What Type Of Affiliate Programs Should I Promote?

I don’t know about you, but when I first began my affiliate marketing journey, it was very difficult for me to pick the right products to promote. Along the way I made many mistakes and learned a lot of lessons.

Over the past fives years I figured out how to pick the best products to promote as an affiliate and exactly how you should do it. One of the biggest mistakes that new affiliates make, you may be making this mistake right now, is promoting a product or service just for the money. This is an innocent mistake because we’re all in this for the money right? The problem with having that mindset is that you don’t put the customer’s needs and wants first. You can’t put yourself or your business first if you want to make real money as an affiliate because your website visitors will catch on sooner or later.

The best products to promote as an affiliate are those that you’ve actually bought and tried out yourself first. If you didn’t buy the product or do extensive research, what makes you think that people should buy a product through your affiliate link? When you buy a product you can really give your opinion from buyer’s perspective, this is what people want. I want to know what happened after you bought the product, do you regret buying the product, etc. If you didn’t actually buy the product that you’re promoting make sure that you do extensive research and detail both the pros and the cons of the product or service. I don’t know if you’re just getting started or not but one of the biggest mistakes new affiliates make is pretending that a product or service is perfect so they can make a commission. Web surfers aren’t dumb, they know when they’re reading an unbiased review.

When picking products to promote make sure you start with products that you’ve bought so that you’ll be able to write about the positives and the negatives. Give your honest opinion and tell people why they should buy or why they shouldn’t. If there are any negatives, offer a bonus that will make those issues irrelevant.

Put the customer first and provide bonuses for buying from you and you’ll see your affiliate sales go through the roof.

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