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Sharepoint Services – How to Add a Post to Your Blog

I love to write. I absolutely love to put my thoughts onto paper and what better way to do this than in the form of a blog. Now, I have already written the "How To" on how to create your own blog within Sharepoint Services and now I am going to proceed with telling you how to post in that blog.

I actually created 2 different blogs within my SP account. The 1st one is dedicated to business and the 2nd is dedicated to funny stuff. I feel that humor is an essential part of having a comfortable and relaxed office environment.

So, here goes nothing!

1. Login to your SP account. In order to have your blog published immediately, you must have admin rights associated with your login info.
2. Next, click on the blog that you have created. It should be displayed in a tab across the top of your Sharepoint Services home page.
3. Now, on the right hand side of the new page that appears, you will see a menu bar that has the heading "Admin Links". Under that heading there will be an option that says "Create a Post". Click on that heading.
4. Next, you will be taken to a page that allows you to create your post. So, create it!
5. When you have completed the creation of your new post, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the "Publish" tab.

Congratulations! You are now a published blog author !! Well, at least in Sharepoint Services. I'm not exactly sure that you could put that on a future resume but at least you now know how to post a blog in SP!

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