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Opt In Email List Building – Why Articles Get Responsive Subscribers

Getting high quality traffic to your site should be extremely high on your list of priorities as an internet marketer, no matter the way that you monetize that traffic. But with opt in email list building as your primary aim requires your visitor to physically enter their name and email address at the bare minimum. If your traffic is untargeted there is little chance that your visitor will take the time to do this as they will have come across a page that does not seem to provide the answer to what they searched for.

When you utilize list building as your way of monetizing you are able over a period of emails to build levels of trust and credibility that are difficult to attain with a first time visitor to your site. The other major upside to list building is that you can market more than one product to your list over a period of time.

There are many different methods of traffic generation available to the internet marketer and list builder. Whichever methods you decide upon it is important that you test and track results. This will enable you to determine which methods are cost effective (either in terms of time or money) and which are the best methods for your niche.

I have found that article marketing is one of the best methods for targeted traffic generation for opt in list building marketing efforts. If you think about the process it seems logical that this will be the case.

When you article market you submit articles related to your niche to article directories. Because these directories rank well in search engines and are spidered regularly, if you research the keywords correctly you can rank well for your chosen keywords. This means that someone interested in the topic you have written about will find your article organically. Your article may also be published in an ezine providing extra targeted traffic.

The searcher then reads your article and either finds it of interest or does not. Those that do can be invited to click through to your site in your resource box area. Those that do are obviously interested in what you have to say, want more information and have liked your writing style.

Providing that the article that you have written is congruent with your landing page, which should be your squeeze page, it is a seemingly natural step for your visitors to enter their details and subscribe to your list.

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