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Marketers – How to Make Your Customers Think You're a Genius

How do you make your customers think you're a genius? It's easy. You just read their minds.

Seriously, when you reach your target market with a message that resonates with them, they think you're reading their minds. Consider some of the emotionally charged niches on the marketing scene:

Losing weight

Overcoming addictions

Finding a life partner

Getting out of debt

Succeeding in business

Choosing a family car that meets everyone's needs

Enjoy a variety of foods and drinks without guilt

Conceiving a child

Raising children in a politically, economically, and environmentally complicated world

Whatever niche you're in, people know what they want, but they may not know that they know it. In other words, they may not be consciously aware of their wishes and needs, but they'll gratefully spend their hard-earned money on it when they find it.

Your job as a marketer is to convince them that you understand what they're struggling with and that you have the answer.

But that's more easily said than done. Telling people what they think – and being wrong – is probably the fastest way to offend people, lose your audience, and fail to make the sale. There's a difference difference between telling your readers what they think and getting inside their heads and hopping aboard the train of thought that's already there.

That's where the skills of a professional copywriter come in. A professional copywriter is part writer, part marketing expert, and part psychologist. He or she understands how to figure out why people think and buy as they do and craft sales messages accordingly.

Whatever your product or service, do not trust your marketing efforts to anyone but a professional copywriter. You have too much to lose: your audience, your reputation, and your potential profits. Remember: a professional copywriter is part writer, part marketing expert, and part psychologist. Find a copywriter who "gets" it and get busy selling your product or service to your hungry audience.

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