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List Building-Why You Really Should Build Your Own List

List building is one of those things that looks like really hard work online, and sometimes it might even feel useless, since there are not thousands of emails you can just rent or buy then mail to them?

That seems like such a good idea until you try them, and you realize that they are not really as good as they seem. Many times you might get one response or two responses when mailing tens of thousands of emails. Why? The bottom line is, people do not want your unsolicited email. They want information, but they want to get it from what they want to. And when you just mail off a list, guess what, so is someone else – mailing off that same list, probably. Just like the 100 emails you got in your SPAM folder today – let me ask you this, did you read them?

So the idea is to build a relationship with people who want to hear from you because they see something you offer or they saw something you wrote and they think, 'wow !, I might like to learn more from this person'.

When you build your own list, you develop a kind of a relationship with the people on your list. Almost like these articles I write – people regularly tell me that they have read many of my articles – they are developing a relationship with me and they are not even on my list, imagine that!

So the bottom line is, you need to build your own list. You almost have to, really make it online today.

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