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List Building Tips and Secrets

There are many ways to get members to subscribe to your newsletter, here are a few tips and ideas.

Use A Dynamic Email Signature – This is so simple, yet people forget to even do it or do it properly. If you send out quite a few emails every day, this is a great method to pick up some new subscribers. All you need to do, is at the end of each email you send out, have a 4 line ad for your newsletter.

You will be surprised how many people will sign up for your newsletter.

Make Sure To Keep Your Newsletter Off Spam Lists – Here are some very useful tips to make sure you stay out of hot water when it comes to being called a spammer.

– Make Sure Your Email Message is Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Law.

– Make sure your list is double opt-in

– Keep detailed records of all subscribes and unsubscribes. IP addresses, when they are subscribed when they are unsubscribed.

– Do not ever purchase bulk email lists or harvest emails from the Internet

– If you use co-registration companies, make sure they are reputable and do not use shady methods of traffic gathering.

– If you have an Affiliate Program, make sure you include an "anti-spam" provision in your agreement.

– Avoid using spam trigger words like "spam, free, special, guaranteed" etc ….

Do not Buy Mass Email Lists – I was just reading a post on a well known marketing forum today and I read a post from one guy who said he had access to a list of 800,000 email addresses from people who were interested in making money.

He said his friend owned the list and was willing to let him use it for a mailing, but he said not to mention his name at all in the mailing.

This should have been the first alarm bell for this guy. Not to mention that this guy was not sure how the list was compiled or how the people subscribed to this list.

It was not even just one big mailing list, it was a bunch of lists stuck together.

If this guy does decide to mail to this list, he will be accused of spam, he will get into major trouble and he will not make any money worth the effort.

Never EVER send emails out to lists you do not know anything about EVER. Never buy bulk email lists.

Start Your Own Forum – This is a great way to get new subscribers to your newsletter. Building a community within your website brings back repeat visitors, which means people will more then kindly sign up for your newsletter if they keep coming back.

You can see an example of this at Howtocorp and go look at the forum. He has his newsletter signup form there and product recommendations. People love to help other people and answer their questions, so after awhile you will not need to be answering many questions yourself.

The best way to start your own forum is to do it yourself with software and host it on your own webhosting. Do not use a 3rd party service, especially free ones.

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