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List Building Help – How to Build a Hyper Responsive List in 30 Days Or Less For FREE (No Joke)

Let's talk for a few minutes about list building techniques, okay? There are a veritable avalanche of ways to build a hyper responsive list. Pay per click can work wonderfully well …. and extremely fast. Some social media marketing strategies are super effective as well. Joint venture partners, approved mailings and having affiliates promote YOUR offers to an opt in page are all explosive methods for rapidly building your list.

But want to know the truth?

99% of the people reading this will NEVER do any of the above. They are a bit complicated to pull off, a bit overwhelming to launch and to be totally honest, pretty intimidating for most. So I'm not going to offer you a whole cacophony of creative strategies to use ANY of the above to build your business. Why? There may only be 1 or 2 people reading this who will EVER make use of it … and I'd rather offer a lower hanging fruit approach that ANYONE reading this can (and SHOULD) use instead.

Want to know the simplest, surest and most expeditious route to building a hyper responsive list for FREE?

Article marketing. Writing articles like this one … and submitting to high ranking, high authority and well "trusted" directories. Use targeted keywords, but do not over think it. Identify EXACTLY who it is that makes up your ideal list …. and go after them with very specific articles that speak specifically to them. The closer you can get to the core ETHOS, needs and wants of your perfect audience, the more responsive your list will be ….. PERIOD.

For example ……

If this article was written for life coaches, I would simply make the title – "list building for life coaches". I promise you, with that extra layer of specificity, I'm going to get FEWER opt in's, but a much higher percentage of people who are very specific categorized to what I'm absolutely going to offer, if that was my niche. (it's not .. 🙂

So write articles. Be HYPER specific …. and your list will be hyper responsive in return. And be aggressive …. both in building value, mailing your list AND building relationships with the small percentage of the overall list that is engaged with your content. (you CAN make a fortune with nothing else ….. I promise!)

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