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Internet Marketing Training eBooks – Why Are They Old School?

E-books are old school, plain and simple. Is not it exhausting to read a guide of 60 pages long ?! That should make around 20-30 minutes of video playback, right?

So why not watch some videos instead of reading a guide 60 pages long?

Moreover, studies have revealed that humans learn 70% of the content through video. While you only get around 30% of what you read from an easy-to-digest book. That means you need to re-read to book at least 3-4 times over again to digest all of the information provided on the book. While you just need to watch a video twice to fully understand its content.

Now, internet marketing is not an easy concept to digest. You will need to read a guide 5-6 times to fully understand all of the techniques and strategies provided in a single guide. Sometimes you even get tired of reading so much and you just dump the guide and you do not even benefit from it.

My real point is that all these so called "gurus" still got their old school blanks in front of their eyes and they can not see we are in 2007 already! Why so many e-books around when there are videos (mp4, dvd, avi, wmv, etc …) to provide a better resource to people that want to start their online business?

Even mp3's are way better than having to read a 60-page-long guide! But no … videos are still the best because you can see what are the EXACT steps to make money. Videos are the best in many aspects.

Videos are also the best to determine whether or not you will want to request a refund. Because if you make exactly the step-by-step procedure they show you on the video and still do not make money, then that means you have the right to request a refund. Simple, videos are the best to teach people how to start their internet marketing business, like it or not.

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