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How to Start Making Money Online Without Spending a Fortune – 5 Affordable Internet Marketing Ideas!

1. Make your affiliate link easy to remember: Cloak your link. You may have a very long and ugly affiliate link. The best thing to do with these long affiliate links is to cloak them. Purchase another domain name using words that are easy to remember and good for your promotion and marketing purposes. FOR EXAMPLE: If your business is selling flowers, you could get IWantSomeFlowers(dot)com. Then forward that to your regular affiliate link that may look long and ugly like this: The new domain name will also look better on your business cards and promotions.

2. Know your customer: With each one of your promotions, you must only have one “type” of customer in mind. Old, young, women, men, teens, students, retired, etc. Make up a name for your customer and all of that customer’s traits. Write your promotions, ads, articles, ezines, blogs, etc., directly to that person. You can have as many different promotions as you want, but to start making money, you must only have one type of customer for each promotion. You should not try to be everything to everyone, that spells disaster.

3. Keyword management: Make sure your keywords are listed on your source page. Many people forget to do that. That’s a beginning but not enough for you to start making money. If you are in a keyword bidding war with a large corporation, you will lose. To compete at a lower cost, make your keywords more long tailed. FOR EXAMPLE: keyword – flowers can become a long-tail keyword phrase like – I want flowers delivered. Make it something that a customer would type into a search window.

4. Multiple income streams: You can easily achieve many income streams with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is just an agreement between an online merchant (website) and you (the affiliate) that you will earn commissions for getting sales, leads or clicks for that online merchant. You want to choose merchants who pay 50% to 75% in commissions, unless it’s a high cost item, then it’s OK to take a lower percentage. Usually you can become an affiliate for free with as many merchants as you want. Pick something of interest to you so that you can write articles, ezines, blogs, etc., about them and get your advertising for free also. It’s a great way to start making money!

5. Update content on website: It’s best to have a website where you can control the copy 24/7 at no extra charge. You do not want to pay a programmer for each update, correction, sale, etc. You may want to offer new products, sales, or new or additional product descriptions or photos. Don’t stop there – to start making money you must keep your website fresh! Maybe testimonials, tips of the week, seasonal ideas or reminders. By updating your website content, search engines will stay interested in you and your page ranking will move up.

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