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How to Make Money From Home Online

The number one question going though thousands of minds – How to make money from home online? A very profitable and easy way is affiliate marketing, described below.

One of the best ways to make money from home online is Internet Marketing.

Because the Internet is powerful there are dozens of different ways to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing is one avenue within Internet Marketing.

Simply put affiliate marketing is advertising. Companies do not want to hire a whole department for advertising. They would have to pay thousands of dollars or more for payroll, insurance, unemployment funds and so on. So instead they set up accounts with trusted affiliate programs.

There is a company called Clickbank, it is an affiliate program, and one of the largest.

Now Clickbank allows individuals to join as an affiliate, which by the way is free to join. From there you can choose over thousands of products to promote online. Once you have a product you then take a special link and post it pretty much anywhere on the Internet. By anything I'm referring to forums, chat rooms, blogs, emails, and your own websites. The list goes on and on.

The next step is actually very simple. If someone is sent to the product website through your link and make a purchase you get a percentage. The percentage varies from company to company. You can earn anywhere from 5% to 75%. You could probably earn more than 75% for a product, however I have not promoted anything over a 75% commission. Another thing I would like to mention is that some companies sell memberships to certain programs. Instead of them giving a one time payment for a purchase, they will give you a recurring payment for every month or week that person remains in the membership.

With affiliate marketing you can choose to do free advertising or paid advertising. Free advertising requires a little more work and sales -which means money for you- takes a little longer to come in. I believe free advertising is the best way to start. Now with paid advertising AKA – PPC – sales come in very quickly. I would like to point out that if you do not know what you are doing with PPC you could lose money very quickly as well. If you are interested in PPC, there are dozens of programs available that teach you how to use PPC effectively. I suggest investing a small amount of money to gain knowledge of PPC instead of losing hundreds by jumping in blindly. Free advertising and paid advertising work great together. Why? Because the money made from free advertising can then be for paid advertising.

Affiliate marketing is one of the few ways to start an online business with no large amounts of money up front.

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