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Easy to Build Wind Generator For Home Use – Materials Required

You probably thought that installing a wind power system for your home would cost thousands of dollars. But the fact is, it is easy to build a wind generator for your home using simple and cheap materials that you can get from the hardware depot or your local scrap pile.

There are already thousands of home owners who have built their own wind generators in their backyard or lawn in a bid to make use of the wind to produce free electricity for their home usage..and the numbers are rising. Because unlike factory manufactured wind generator systems that cost at least $ 3000 for an entry-level model, anyone can build a wind generator from home for no more than $ 200 now.

Firstly we need to gather the materials to build our wind generator unit. To cut costs, we will use easy to find materials that you can purchase from your local hardware store or source from the scrap pile. Here is the list of parts that you would need to build:

1) Wind generator blades

The best materials to use for making the blades are PVC or ABS pipes. They are light and strong, and also easy and cheap to get if you source for it smartly. I found a length of PVC pipe in the scrap yard ..ave it a little wash and it is as good as new.

2) Generator

I made use of a simple DC motor with a low RPM rating. A DC motor is usually used by feeding it electricity for it to turn its shaft. But by rotating the shaft in the opposite direction, you can make the DC motor produce electricity instead. It is that easy!

Search around for one in eBay to get the best price for your DC motor.

3) Generator housing

I took a bit of the PVC pipe I talked about earlier to make a sturdy and safe housing for my DC motor. One thing to note about using PVC pipes though – make sure you paint them with weatherproof paint so that your wind generator can last longer.

4) Tail vane

This part of the wind generator is used to turn the blades to face the wind flow. You can explore different types of materials to make the tail vane. I made use of some acrylic plastic sheet I found in my garage to build it.

5) Tower

A few pieces of conduit pipes joined together makes a good design for a stable wind generator tower. These pipes are easy to find in your hardware store and do not cost that much.

It is fairly easy to build a wind generator for your home use if you have a proper working plan in hand that tells you where to source for materials and how to construct and assemble the parts.

The best part is, you would have saved thousands of dollars by building the unit by yourself instead of buying a pre-fabricated one.

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