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Crossfit For Beginners

I just completed a four week Crossfit for beginners course and I am very satisfied with it, I think I'm going to continue doing this sport in the near future. It completely blows away any bodybuilding workout that I've ever done.

If you think that Crossfit is something you need to be in an awesome shape to become good at, then you're wrong. The workouts are scalable to any fitness level and therefore this is a great sport for beginners. I would recommend, if you have the option, to go to a basic course like I did in order to get to know how to do all the exercises correctly.

After you've done that, you can proceed on to the Workout of the day. The workout of the day is a workout prescribed by the trainer, everyone does the same workout but beginners can scale them down to their own fitness level and the trainer will help with that. These can be pretty tough, but they are short too so they're not that hard to complete.

A sample Crossfit for beginners workout:

– Push Press – 1 min
– Rows – 1 min
– Wall Balls – 1 min
– Sumo Deadlift High Pull – 1 min
– Box Jump – 1 min

This is a workout of the day called "Fight Gone Bad". All five exercises are done in sequence, then there is one minute of rest and then they're all done again, for three rounds (17 min total). The exercises themselves are not that hard, but doing them all in sequence without any rest in between makes me exhausted in a matter of minutes.

There is typically a short warm up session before the workout of the day, usually consisting of some bodyweight exercises that are hard enough to get you warm up bot not so hard that you're out of energy before the actual workout.

I'd say that this is by far my favorite type of exercise so far. I've been a gym rat for the past few years, and even though I've gained muscle size I have not been in that good of a shape. Crossfit will give you all of these things: strength, speed, muscle size, good cardiovascular shape, lower body fat (if the diet is in check too). This is most definitely the best all-around fitness sport that I've come across.

So to sum up, I'd definitely recommend Crossfit for beginners, even if they have not been in any sort of sport or exercise routine for a long time. The trainers can help you scale the exercises down to your fitness level.

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