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Tips for Busy Parents Who Want to Get It On

When a couple invites a bouncing baby into their midst, they go from a couple to a family – and that changes things around the house quite a bit. New parents are often sleep-deprived and suddenly busier than they ever dreamed they would be. The idea of having sex might actually seem laughable during those first several months – who has the time or the inclination? But as the kids get older, sex goes back on the menu, and parents do their best to find the time to make it happen. A busy parent who wants to get it on should heed advice for good penis care so he’s ready to go when the opportunity strikes.

But how to find the opportunity? These tips can help those parents who think their sex life will never be the same again.

1) Make a plan. A couple who plans out their sexual activity are more likely to make it a priority and actually “get it done” rather than take the easier route – which is simply giving in to exhaustion and going to sleep! If necessary, actually set a date on the calendar, plan for a babysitter, then retire upstairs for several hours of bliss. Or if that doesn’t feel quite right, book a hotel room and let the babysitter handle things at home for a few hours.

2) Be ready at all times. Sometimes planning doesn’t work, especially if a child isn’t on a set schedule yet. In cases like that, it’s important to grab a little action whenever possible. Be ready to go at a moment’s notice (literally) and taking pleasure in five-minute increments – maybe less, depending upon the situation. This means sneaking in a quick intimate moment when the kids are napping or getting it on while they are quietly playing in the next room.

3) Turn to other ways. Parents who want to show their affection but are truly too tired to do so can keep the spark alive with text messages, brief phone calls and even emails that express their desires – even if they don’t have the opportunity to act on them just yet. These little promises can build up over a matter of days or even a week, leading to an explosive quickie when the time is right.

4) Ask for help. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and new parents are especially in need of some relief from time to time. There is never anything wrong with telling the grandparents a night off is necessary and taking the child to their house. Don’t have family nearby? Look to a good friend who might be willing to take pity on two sex-deprived parents and host the kids for a night.

5) Look forward to the future. Sometimes the sex life will fall to the wayside for a while after a baby is born. And that’s okay. But plan for the future by looking forward to the day when the kids can watch a movie on the TV downstairs while mom and dad get into something hot upstairs (with the baby monitor available to alert them to any trouble, of course!).

When the opportunity to get it on presents itself to a busy parent, it pays to make sure all the equipment is ready to go. This can be accomplished through the use of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A good crème loaded with Shea butter for softness, vitamin E for supple skin, vitamin A for odor control and vitamin C for overall health is a great bet. Other nutrients, such as alpha lipoic acid, L-arginine and L-carnitine help ensure a man’s penis care remains top-notch, even when he’s too tired to see straight!

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The Psychology of Hatred

On why hatred is necessary in this world and helps refine our basic aggression

Hate or hatred like love is one of the most personal emotions in that the expressions could be widely varied and even too subtle to decipher. Hatred is truly the opposite of love because the manifestation of hatred is almost like the manifestation of love. This is because, in most cases only two people, the one who hates and the one who is hated seem to perceive the underlying dynamics of the relationship or the emotions involved and other people may be unaware. There could be several reasons for hatred and this could be associated with envy, fear, ideology or power related issues. For example, an intense envy towards a sibling could make other siblings hate him or a fear of repression from powerful people could lead to hatred in less privileged people. Power issues could often lead to hatred or even a love hate relationship as a man feeling the control or domination of his wife could enter into power struggles or a sort of love-hate relationship with her. A terrorist or religious group could hate people of other groups due to ideological differences.

Hatred like love, need some form of attachment, you have to care enough about a person to hate them. Hatred like love would also be rather obsessive and addictive although as extreme love (especially romantic) for a person would lead to sexual relations, extreme hate for a person would lead to violence. Thus, hatred, is also a form of passion, manifested as aggression rather than sex. Thus if according to Freudian psychoanalysis, sex and aggression are our two basic instincts, love and hatred are our two basic and most fundamental emotions on which all other emotions are built. A newborn child would either love her mother’s breast or hate it, she would love to be touched and carried around by her carers or hate the process and this would result in her other emotions of happiness, sorrow etc.

Considering how or why hatred could be manifested among individuals, it is possible to delineate the two types of hatred in people:

1. Personal Hatred – This can be the dynamics with a friend or an enemy, a colleague, a family member or someone you know within a social circle. Personal hatred is for people you personally know and care enough to hate them. The manifestation of this sort of hatred is usually subtle and only two people involved would understand or perceive the effects of the emotion. With family members like a partner or parent, personal hatred could manifest as an interplay of both love and hate as power dynamics get into the picture. Power struggles with the father or husband could often lead to this sort of love-hate equation and would reflect in your other close personal relationships. Personal hatred could often lead to more generalized form of hatred. This leads to the next type of hatred.

2. General Hatred – Hatred could thus be very personal or could be more general and directed towards a group. This sort of hatred is directed towards certain groups or types of people and manifests in hatred for whites, hatred for blacks, hatred for Jews, hatred for Muslims, hatred for men, hatred for women and so on. This type of hatred is more generalized although may well be triggered due to personal experiences. For example a woman with negative experiences with a man may develop hatred for all men or a black man who has faced some form of discrimination in society may develop hatred towards all whites. This sort of hatred could be racially motivated or gender related and of course these have specific terms as anti-Semitism, misogyny etc. This type of hatred is less personal and shared with other members of society and is thus a more social form of hatred, rather than a personal type of hatred. Terrorist groups showing hatred towards specific nations or people share this type of hatred motivated by ideological orientations. Politicians who hate members of another party are also motivated by ideological or power concerns. Group based or general hatred is thus further categorized as social hatred, sexual or gender based, racial, or ideological hatred.

The underlying psychological dynamics of hatred is generally explained with our need to release aggression. Aggression like sex is one of our fundamental and basic instincts and just as we need release of our sexual energies by developing sexual relationships and exploring the emotion of love, the emotion of hate helps us to release our aggressive tendencies and could be fundamental to our well being. It is almost necessary to hate as it is necessary to love. But this does not mean that our aggressive tendencies and emotion of hatred will have to be released through violence or some other kind of destructive action, the hatred that we feel cannot be controlled just as love may not be controlled but our actions on these emotions can be controlled. For example, you may well love someone for many months or even years but decide not to act on it and embark in some sort of platonic love relationship. In a similar manner it is possible to hate someone and yet continue some sort of platonic hate relationship without becoming violent or even subtly aggressive.

Channeling or appropriate directing of sexual or love needs through creativity and in Freudian term ‘sublimation’ works well for hatred and hate can be channeled successfully through sports, or other kind of aggressive activity. Even love or sexual needs can be controlled or channelled when you participate in aggressive sports. So, the next time you feel the need to release your passion, possibly caused by sexual or aggressive instincts, just engage in some aggressive competitive sports and you will feel much better. If you feel excessive love which is a type of sexual need but more refined, you will possibly have to engage in creative pursuits. Hatred could in a way also be a refined form of aggression and releasing hatred through writing, debates or constructive criticism could be a creative way out.

Hatred as I have tried to explain here is not all that bad, it is a form of passion, a necessary release of our aggressive instincts and in fact a refined expression of aggression, just as love is a more refined expression of sexual desires. If love is a sugar coating on our real sexual desires, hatred is just a salt coating on our underlying aggressive desires. The emotion of love exists like a valve, like a filter so that human sexual expression remains controlled and civilized. In a similar manner, the emotion of hate exists so that human expression of aggression remains controlled and within limits. You will see many placards, billboards and handouts asking that individuals in this world should somehow ‘Stop Hatred’, that seems a kind of motto for human life. It is practically impossible to stop hatred, it is a basic human emotion, and in a civilized society it is almost necessary to hate just as it is necessary to love so that there is no unbridled release of aggression through violence. What we can stop however is the negative expression of hatred that is manifested through violence and other destructive tendencies and channel our aggressive tendencies creatively through art, literature, politics, sports, public debates and other constructive channels of self expression.

PLEASE NOTE: This essay has original research and is subject to Copyright and any abuse of Copyright or republishing this essay even with credit on scam sites will be noted and complaints will be filed with the relevant authorities. Republishing this essay on legitimate websites and with credit to the author with all relevant links active is however allowed.

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Why Do Women Develop the Urge of Getting Married?

Women around the world develop fondness towards getting married at a particular age. There are many reasons for a woman to get married and all of them are completely justified. If you are traveling the same boat, here are few reasons you can easily identify with for allowing the opposite gender in your life forever.

While men start planning for their job and career from an early age, women, apart from planning a successful professional life, also prioritize getting married to their dream men. It won’t be appropriate to say that men don’t want to get married, but women have more reasons to tie a wedding knot. The discussion below will definitely carry one or more reasons you can identify with for planning a married life.

Fairy Tales of Childhood

All those stories and fairy tales, where romance blossoms between a prince and a princess, paints the picture of marriage in a woman’s mind right from the childhood days. The immature dreams get nourished with growth in age, which ultimately encourage her towards marriage at very first step of adultness.

Age is the Natural Factor

How old do you have to be to get married? While there is no specific age to be answered for this question, as soon as a woman descend her teenage, a natural force develops curiosity for getting married. Your ambition to get settled in professional life might delay your age of marriage, still you don’t completely abandon the thought of enjoying the status of a married woman.

Thirst for Unconditioned Love

Tired of dating, which might fail to satisfy her love bone, a woman develops interest in marriage for winning unconditioned love from her man. Also, you might discover a man, who is madly in love with you. A constant appetite of loving and getting loved can answer the question of why get married.

Feeling of Security with Men

No matter how successful a woman might get in her life, the real sense of security is experienced by her after getting married to a man, who is physically as well as mentally strong. Women want to get married to feel secure in their men’s arms and it definitely doesn’t exhibit their inferiority. It is a natural phenomenon, which is experienced by every woman.

Ultimate Pleasure of Life

There is no need to hesitate while admitting that sexual satisfaction also motivates a woman to get married. Fulfillment of these desires is not among the things to do before you get married, at least not for majority of women. Sexual relationship in a legalized form is what most of the women desire for.

Love for Children

Playing the role of a mother is among most cherishing desires of every woman. Right from the age of playing with dolls, women develop motherhood in more or less quantity and this inspires them to have their own children. So, it is a justified reason for women to show desperation towards marriage.

Other Reasons to Mention

  • Leading a comfortable life can’t be counted among reasons not to get married. In fact, it is a justifiable reason to take the decision of getting married.
  • Sharing responsibility with a companion is another reason for women, who want to get married desperately.
  • Social recognition, loneliness and women around you getting married are other inspiring reasons for a woman to get married.

Marriage is more than a ceremony for every woman. The fascination of spending a wonderful life with a loving and responsible man can persuade you to step into the new phase of your life.

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Astrology Of Love and Relationships: Finding Your Soulmate At The Right Time

Timing is everything they say. There is an old worn out myth that declares if you are past 40 or “gasp” 50 you will not be able to find a good relationship. BS! The right astrology influence simply hasn’t crossed your chart yet! If you have gone months or even years without a relationship and feel that a loving relationship is just not meant to be for you then think again. There are special times in life that the planet of love and romance is activated and those are the times that the universe will bring you a loving relationship if you are open to it and have not formed a belief that is blocking a loving relationship from being in your life.

Venus is the planet that rules love, relationships and the things in life that we love. When looking for the times in your life that love will enter look at the times when the planets are making contact with your Venus. Each planet that makes contact with your Venus will have a different quality and different type of opportunity for self growth and relationships. When Jupiter crosses over your Venus that is a time when you will have more opportunities to date and meet someone. You can feel happier and better about your circumstances. This is a time that the universe is whispering to you- hey check it out, there are plenty of people on the planet, surely if you look around someone will be right for you.

Saturn transits (influencing) your Venus can be tough. It is a time when the universe tells it like it is about what you have and what you don’t with all that you value. Saturn will give you a big reality check over all details Venus. So you say you want a relationship? Really??? Asks Saturn: When was the last time you got off your butt and did something about it? Saturn is definitely a kick in the pants. Saturn demands that you take responsibility for your part in not being in a love relationship. Are there longtime issues that you never worked out? Get therapy! Are you overweight and do not feel attractive? Lose weight and get in shape and feel sexy again! Are you someone you would want to be in a relationship with? Be more loving and giving; be the person that you want to be in love with. Saturn will push you to be accountable in your life. The truth may be that there is only a part of you that wants a relationship and keep falling for unavailable men because by definition of being in a relationship with someone who is not available you get to keep part of your freedom. Saturn says get real! Once that happens a relationship comes into your life and a new journey begins.

When Uranus is bouncing around your Venus your time has come to get back into the swing of love and relationships. Someone may suddenly appear in your life from your past. This energy opens the heart but your relationship might look impulsive to outsiders. Many times a fast marriage takes places with Uranus Venus energy. If you marry in the early part of the transit (the time of this energy can take up to two years) you will have a couple of years of major adjustments. If you have been out of the dating scene for a while this energy is bound to bring in fun excitement and a relationship when you least expect it.

If you are longing for a relationship and your Venus is being influenced with Neptune chances are the relationship you find will be filled with romance and wonderment. I wonder will be part of the dialogue: I wonder if he loves me? I wonder when we will see each other again. I wonder if he will leave his wife. I wonder what is going to happen with us. Neptune tends to make this relationship very iffy. It is best not to have expectations with Neptune. Disappointments, deception and illusions run rampant with the shadow of Neptune. Many relationships under this influence teach you the qualities of unconditional acceptance and love and you can find that this relationship is an exercise in spiritual development and growth.

When Pluto is part of the astrological landscape in your Venus life then a very powerful, passionate and profound relationship enters your life. This relationship can permanently alter life as you know it. Many times who you were before you met this person morphs into an older wiser individual. Pluto can take you to deep depths of emotions and feelings. If you have unresolved childhood issues then this relationship can seem to pull them up from the hidden caverns from which they had been locked away.

Relationships are an integral and fulfilling part of human love and life. The times that you are single and do not have a significant partner in your life can be times that the universe is giving you an opportunity to attend to other parts of your life. The astrology seasons of Venus are the times that partnership and love enters into your life. As you have learned astrology has many useful tools for you to implement that will help you understand love and relationship cycles in your personal life. However this knowledge cannot be put to use without first knowing the astrological influences. Defend yourself with astrological knowledge and stay attuned to the constant changing sky and learn to be your own life coach with astrology.

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7 Qualities of a Good Wife – Part I

Whether you’re a man looking for a good wife or a wife wanting to improve yourself, your marriage or your relationship – take a look at these 7 qualities of a good wife. Good fruit will come from these basic qualities anyone can develop.

7) Nag free. Ladies, a good wife is going to be nag free. Nagging is an ineffective method of trying to get your husband to perform a task you desire. Trust me ladies – it doesn’t work and often will have the opposite of its intended affect.

6) Supportive. Are you supportive? What does it mean to be supportive? Do you belittle your man or do you help him to feel good about himself, his job, activities? Your husband will be much more respectful of you if you support him. Even when you don’t agree with him – respectfully let him know you don’t agree – then support him anyway. Otherwise, if he has difficulties – he’ll feel as though you’re adding to his troubles.

5) Build up your man. Ladies, there’s no quicker way to build resentment in your man than to criticize him – especially in front of others. On the flip side – try genuinely complementing your husband in front of other people. Your husband will glow with admiration toward you and you’ll feel his appreciation as love.

4) Keep him happy in the bedroom. Unfortunately, many women underestimate the importance of keeping her man’s needs met. Often this comes from the basic differences in women and men. For men, sexual desire is much like physical hunger and if it’s not fed properly – the relationship will struggle. Women must look to understand the needs of the man from his perspective not hers.

3) Respect. A good wife will try to treat her man with respect. How? Much of learning how to be respectful toward your husband has to do with the way you talk to him. The old phrase “It’s not so much what you say but how you say it” should become a wife’s motto. This doesn’t mean you need to be careful what you say to your husband – just be respectful in the way you say it.

2) Communicate. Ironically, good communication between men and women can be quite frustrating. However, a good wife will seek to discover what’s on her mind and find a way to express herself to her husband. Often, men and women will make a joint decision – while the man thinks she’s in agreement with him – but only to discover later that she thought the decision was a bad idea.

1) Be pleasant. Work to be pleasant toward your husband. Don’t be one of those people who makes everyone around you feel bad just because you’ve had a hard day. Good things will come from being pleasant. It’s a decision – just decide to be pleasant. But if you can’t be pleasant – make a decision not to bring him down with you.

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How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Loves Me? 5 Clues

Love is a tricky thing. One day, you are deeply in love with your girlfriend and are sure that the feeling is mutual. Next day, you are having your doubts about her true intentions. Questions like, “Does my girlfriend really care about me?,” and “How do I know if my girlfriend love me?” creep into your head more often than you would prefer.

So, how can you tell for sure? Well, if you have an open, honest relationship with your girlfriend, you might just be able to open up and ask her how she really feels. But, chances are, if you are finding yourself wondering whether she really loves you, you don’t currently have that type of relationship with her. That’s too bad, because what you need right now is total honesty.

Short of just straight up asking her, fortunately there are other ways you can get an idea for how much your girlfriend loves you – if at all. Here are 5 clues your girlfriend really loves you:

Clue #1: Your girlfriend cries or gets emotional with you:

Human emotion is a mysterious animal – especially in the case of women (no offense, ladies). She will seem happy and fine one moment and then teary-eyed the next. Or, she might just blow up at you or snap for no reason. If this describes your girlfriend, you are in luck: it probably means that she has feelings for you. While it is impossible to guarantee whether she loves you based upon this information, if she is getting emotional on a regular basis you can at least tell that she is not apathetic. In other words, at least she cares enough about you to cry or get irritated. Hey, it’s something.

Clue #2: She tries to make you jealous:

If you have ever noticed your girlfriend doing little things to try to make you jealous, such as looking at other men or talking about how sexy some famous actor is, it’s likely she holds the love torch for you. Of course, there is that small sub-set of women who just play mind games for fun. But, barring the possibility that you have a real head case on your hands, trying to make you jealous is usually a sign of love – or at least deep like. It probably also means she’s a bit insecure. But, that’s another story.

Clue #3: She does nice things for you:

Women show their love through their actions. If your girlfriend occasionally goes out of her way to do nice things for you, she probably loves you.

Clue #4: Your girlfriend tries to impress your friends or parents:

If your girlfriend has marriage (or at least long-term commitment) on her mind, she’ll go out of her way to try to impress your friends or parents. Women put a lot of stake on how they are perceived by the people who matter in the life of her boyfriend. Take this as a love sign.

Clue #5: She seems to care what you think about how she looks:

If you find your girlfriend asking you questions about how she looks in a particular outfit or how her make-up or hair look, she obviously cares about your opinion. Take that as a sign that her love for you is there.

While no short list of simple clues can guarantee that your girlfriend loves you, such clues can definitely help you get a reading on her true feelings. If you still find yourself doubting whether she loves you, it may be time for a relationship tune-up. Sometimes, knowing just the right things to say and do can make the difference between a life of everlasting love and total and utter love failure.

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Spice Up Your Marriage — 10 Ideas

Every one wants an exciting sex life however many couples discover their passion for each other slowly fades after a while. The initial hormone induced feelings of lust fueling many seemingly endless nights of lovemaking do eventually weaken. This does not mean your intimate times together need to be routine or boring. As you get to know each other more, it is actually the perfect opportunity to spice up your marriage with more intimate thrills. Take the risk to add a little creative sexual adventure and you will rediscover an excitement that will reignite your passion for life and each other.

  1. Read erotica together.Although the juicy letters in many adult magazines are great for quick fun, higher quality short stories and novels provide a richer source of erotic inspiration to stimulate mutual fantasies and real life activities. The settings and situations described may even stimulate a bit of role-playing. Take turns reading out loud to each other. You will get more comfortable talking about sex and your own desires as well. Check out the Black Lace book collection for some great examples.
  2. Watch spicy and romantic movies alone together.Dirty movies have their place for bedroom fun but engaging movies with plots, characters, exotic situations and risqué adventure stimulate your minds more. Dedicated cuddle time watching a movie together helps to develop closeness with shared ideas for your own fun. The key is to discuss the movie before and afterwards to reinforce an awareness of how it stimulates each others desires and fantasies.
  3. Play couples games together.There are many adult, romantic, relationship and foreplay games available but any game for two will do. You can even add sexual forfeits to spice up your own favorite games. Go beyond just stripping and include an entire range of erotic treats to win. Add a sense of competition and reward good play with exceptional foreplay.
  4. Stimulate all your senses.Take a night and indulge in creative ways to enhance your lovemaking by focusing on various senses one at a time. Sound may involve background music, talking dirty or even absolute quiet. Scent in the form of perfume, cologne, incense, flowers and even food can be used to awaken or instill long-lasting emotional memories and feelings. Seeing each other naked or dressed in sexy clothing under the soft glow of colored lights, candlelight or moonlight can add to your visual excitement. Experiment with different textures or touching techniques to heighten sensitivity over your entire body. Use foods, syrups, liquors and even flavored lube creatively to stimulate your hunger for other sensual treats.
  5. Exercise together.Not only does exercise keep you in shape for great sex, it stimulates hormone production that increases your desire for sex. With more energy and stamina, your lovemaking can be more vigorous and last longer too.
  6. Have random sex.Agree to get lucky in love and take a chance to do something unexpected. Use some form of randomizing technique (dice, spinner, cards, ideas from a jar, lottery ticket numbers, etc.) to choose one or more erotic activities to enjoy. Include some of your favorites, some rare activities and maybe a few new ones that are a little more naughty than usual.
  7. Plan spontaneous sex.Either alone or together, plan a sexual adventure involving an impromptu meeting and mating. Always have contingency plans in case unexpected situations arise so you are not disappointed. By planning an erotic tryst in advance, you will also keep your mind open for opportunities for wild sex when ever they occur.
  8. Create a pleasure chestwith delightful sex accessories. Beyond the standard sex toys, lingerie and leather, keep your eyes and minds open for regular household items with pleasure potential. Go sex shopping together and search for unique items that could be used for erotic and sensual stimulation. Consider the texture, shape, size, temperature and how it will feel stroking, tapping, scratching, rubbing, etc. on various areas of the body.
  9. Invest in a private love library.The more carnal knowledge you possess, the more variety you can add to your sex life. On going sex education is a good thing especially when you do it together as a couple and combine it with hands on experience. Make it a practice to buy a new sex book with new tips and ideas once or twice a year. Browse them and read interesting sections together so you are learning at the same time and can support each other trying out new ideas.
  10. Go out on dates together.Romantic, fun, exciting and relaxing escapes together all add different elements to your relationship. These are not necessarily times you will have sex together but you will definitely improve your overall intimacy and enhance your feelings toward each other.

Make your sex life a priority — it is an essential component of a happy and successful marriage. It may take some effort but mutual fun and sensual pleasure will ensure your love lasts a good long time.

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