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Email Marketing – How 1 Short Email Can Make More Money Than Most People Make In A Week

If there is one crucible lesson that I have learned in my 5 years of marketing online, it is that the email mailing list is the most crucial asset of any online business owner. Some marketers remain stubborn and decide not to build a mailing listing, citing reasons like their niche is not 'suitable' for it, or that they make more sales without building a list. It's total rubbish! Any marketer with the ability of sending email follow-ups to their subscribers is always going to make more money over the long-term than if he did not build a list and simply let visitors leave their page without capturing their contact information.

It is possible to make thousands with an email to your list. Yes, just one email! I've personally spent about 10 minutes crafting an email and sending it out to my list. A few hours later, hundreds of dollars fill up my Clickbank account with Swiss clockwork efficiency. And this happens on a regular basis! It's like a money machine that I can turn on anytime I want.

Here is how you can write a short email that generates tons of money:

1. Make Readers Curious

Get your subscribers curious to open your emails every time with powerful, curiosity inciting subject lines. Do not be totally misleading, but do not be totally boring either! I've seen some marketers who are supposedly 'big name' marketers with great reputations in forums, but their click-through rates are horrendous. How do I know their click-through rate? Some of them send YouTube videos to their list, and I can see how many views their videos got. It's nothing to shout about! This shows that top marketers are just 'top marketers' because of the façade they create. You can emulate them.

2. Write 'Addictive' Subject Lines

The key to getting subscribers curious is to write 'addictive' subject lines. Your subject lines must be so interesting that your subscribers will be keen to open them every time and look forward to your emails!

3. Use Neat Formatting

Keep each line of your email to no more than 60 characters to keep it neat and easy to read. The more subscribers who read through the whole of your email, the better response rate you will get.

Connect With What They Want

Promote products that your subscribers want. You can find this out easily by sending them a simple survey. When you find products that convert well for you, add them in your automatic autoresponder follow-up series.

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8 Steps to Effective Email Marketing Content

Email marketing is rife.

Everyone is doing it.

Every day your inbox groans under the virtual weight of oodles of terrible email marketing.

There's everything from the brightly colored and poorly formed ones from "SEO experts", to the "I'm emailing following our earlier call" that never happened.

Far from inspiring you to get in touch, they really annoy you. And if you feel like that, everyone else does, which is why it's important to get your email marketing content right.

The email you send is the recipient's window on your business. If it's poorly written and formatted, they're going to give your company and wide berth.

So what can you do to make sure your emails hit the right note?

These simple to follow tips will help you.

1. Scan

It does not matter how long you (or your copywriter) spends crafting your email, the recipient is illegally to read every single word. That's why it's important your email is scannable.

The best way to do that is use sub headings that are conducive and that contain key products and service.

If you're including an offer place it in bold print so it can not be missed.

Use bulleted lists to highlight benefits and make sure your paragraphs tackle only one idea in short, easy to read sentences.

2. Flow

There's nothing worse than an email that flits from one idea to the next without any continuity.

Make sure your subject line flows effortlessly into the body of your email and the final paragraph reiterates your main message, rounded off with a call to action.

3. Be emotive

Emotion sells. Fact. Make sure you use language that empathises and plays on their heartstrings.

4. Voice

This is something copywriters talk about a lot. The tone, or voice, you use in your writing will have a big impact in how well it goes down with the reader. If you have brand guidelines in place, your email's tone should follow them. But if you're not sure think about your audience and choose an appropriate tone for them.

5. Give proof

Why should I buy from you?

That's what your reader is going to be asking, so make sure you give them excellent reasons in the form of benefits that are backed up by facts.

6. I'll say it again

Usually you do not want to be repeating yourself in your copy, but in this case you can make an exception.

The offer in your headline should be repeated in the body copy and then again in the call to action. Just make sure you vary the language and words that you use.

7. Psychology

Yes, it's time for a bit of psychology.

Offer valuable information so they will feel obliged to buy from you. Use case studies and testimonials to show how others have already benefited (do they really want to miss out?). Limit the offer by time or number to increase scarcity – there's no way they'll want to miss out.

8. Review

Not only should you review your email for typos, you also need to check it to make sure:

• Your paragraphs are short and snappy

• The subject matter is relevant to your audience

• Your offer is correct

• Your message is short and sweet

• You can scan the email and still understand what it's about

That's really all there is to it. Next time you create an email marketing campaign bear these points in mind.

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Ezine Publishing – 3 Profitable Reasons to Create a Membership Website From Your Newsletter Content

Savvy email marketers are always looking for ways to reuse their content again and again for higher returns. Sending out one issue of an ezine and then forgetting about it causes you to lose tons of potential streams of revenue. If you're willing to join that elite group of email marketing gurus, you should consider using the old issues of your ezine and turning them into incredible content for a membership website.

Here are the 3 reasons to get started building your membership website today

1. Increase your product sales.

More and more products are being created each day and being sold on the Internet. Often your readers' brains will be spinning from all the information available. By starting a membership website, you'll be increasing the amount of times they're exposed to your product. More exposure to one good product through your previous email newsletter content will help decrease their information overload and add to your sales.

2. Sell more affiliate products.

As you republish your email newsletter content to your membership site, you'll also have the ability to tie your product in with those of others. If you've successfully promoted affiliate products in your email newsletter, it will be even more effective in a membership site. Why? Because your readers will be able to interact with others more to see that your well chosen products actually do work.

3. Build a community.

Standing out among all the other marketers trying to build their businesses online is a tough job. But by creating a membership website from your email newsletter content that brings together a group of like minded people, you'll be able to brand yourself and your unique qualities much more effectively. Your readers will be able to interact, pose questions about your content, and feel more connected to your unique knowledge. Soon this translates into even more revenue for yourself and your company.

Forgetting to brand yourself and reuse your email newsletter content is a surefire way to let others bolt in front of you with tremendous speed. Do not be left behind in their dust. Instead, start organizing the issues of your ezine and create a membership site that can increase all your sales and build a community among your readers.

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Email Marketing is One of The Most Important Digital Marketing Techniques

Email marketing is becoming one of the best effective and affordable tools for online marketing.

As the Net has grown, e-mail marketing is becoming one of the best effective and affordable tools for online marketing. E-mail marketing significantly impacts businesses if they are B2B or B2C (business to business/business to consumer). Marketing throughout e-mail raises your brand devotion and raises your customer service throughout the eyes of your buyers. When ever permission based e-mail marketing is carried out correct it can easily be even more good than any sort of other kind of web marketing technique. The point to bear in mind is that no one single element of website marketing may stand on its own. For example, an e-mail newsletter must have a tremendous site to support it and also curiosity in your business to build your e-mail list in the first place. The quantity one activity on the web is e-mail. This is the reason e-mail can certainly be utilized as a superb internet marketing tool. Various Internet end users say that they would rather get marketing messages in their e-mail than be bothered by sales phone calls at home

Permission Based E-mail.

One essential key element to a powerful e-mail marketing technique is to just concentrate on permission based mail. This involves that consumers have to select to get mail from you. This is known as “opt in”. You should certainly by no means rent or purchase an e-mail list since this is regarded as to be spam. No matter what precisely the person of the e-mail list will tell you, the absolute majority of the addresses on the list did not opt in to get e-mail or to have their exclusive info sold to you. Once you send e-mail to customers who don’t desire it you’re sending spam. Spam will grant your company image a cheap appearance and eliminates virtually any trust that clients have in you. You need prospects that are top quality and not amount and this results in building up your personal e-mail list. You’ll discover that the final effects will be huge to you and your business.

Not really an add-on of support services.

E-mail marketing will need to be viewed as a complement of the customer service that you offer. You want to be capable to connect with your buyers at every single point in the sales procedure. The moment you provide your consumers what they request, with out mistreating any authorization, you set up the foundation for a bond that is founded on value and leads to long-term customer devotion.

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How Effective Is Mobile Analytics for App Developers?

App developers are giving their best to design an application that performs as per the expectation. Their development process includes an array of testing methods to ensure the success of an application. But, the real feedback of users denotes whether the app will survive or not. Every day, there is a new launch in the app store. This makes the job of mobile app developers tougher because they have to add uniqueness to the applications so that they can break the monotony. Here comes mobile analytics that helps developers understand the users of an application.

Mobile app developers have to be creative in order to bring innovation to the conventional app designing process. The fundamentals are same for any app development, but the strategies get changed because of technological updates. Skilled in different coding languages such as Swift for iOS and Java for Android, app developers convert the ideas into codes for applications.

Despite an array of tests and successfully implementations of codes, applications fail to gain users’ trust. This is simply because developers have not paid the real attention to the users’ experience of an application. Analytics and strategies are the two things that decide whether an application will be successful or not. The giant names in the mobile app development have spent years in the research and analysis of the market and consumers. All successful applications have features that users’ want and have designs that prompt them to visit again.

Mobile analytics has come up with the real benefit for app developers, with which they can improve the existing applications. The data of analytics clearly shows why your app does not work in your targeted market. Both Android and iOS app developers take a certain advantage from the data of the mobile analytics. Some are mentioned below.

You know the performance of an application:

The server will keep every data in your data center so that you can explore important information regarding how many times an app crashes, bug occurrence and the battery usage. All these points hold values for developers and help them make their application run smoothly.

You can optimize data:

When an app developer gets a complete knowledge of the performance of applications, they know how to convert the data into useful information. They optimize the data to carve a performance solution for different mobile apps.

You can take help from Google tag management:

Google tag management relies on the information of the marketing strategies of an application. Marketing an app is as essential as having an attractive design for an application. If users are unaware of the presence of your applications, it will die soon after the launch. So, make a great marketing strategy and take help from Google Tag that notifies you about the marketing strategies for different platforms.

Read the user behavior:

From Google Tag, you will have important data on the users’ behavior to your application. You will know whether users download the application or just visit your webpage and leave it without the download. You can keep track on every strategy such as email marketing, paid advertisements, and social media marketing.

You can improve the performance of an application:

When developers have every detail of their applications, they can manage the features and functions to get more visitors. They eliminate the unnecessary features and include important ones that enhance the users’ experience.

Both Android and iOS app developers with the help of the mobile analytics concentrate on some of the important factors. Building an application is not enough to earn success from it. Rather, it needs a right kind of maintenance through analytics and strategies.

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps has been a wide hit because developers get some notable benefits from this tool. They have got an insight into the marketing behavior of users and use the data for the betterment of an application.

All unique things come to the attention of consumers. So, companies are hiring Android and iOS app developers to get their applications designed uniquely. Analytics helps developers point out issues like bounce rate, Click through Rate, session of visiting, and more. The effectiveness of mobile analytics on developers is huge. It checks every detail of an application and notifies developers about the performance of an application.

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Email Marketing – How to Avoid Being Flagged For SPAM

Email marketing is a successful way to make a business profitable. People have been doing it for many years now. If it were not successful, Email Marketing would have gone down in the history books as being one of the most unproductive marketing methods to ever hit businesses. However, that is not the case. The case is that it has been so successful that companies have found new and improved ways to market their businesses through email. In the process, they are bringing in more and more money. In the meantime, more and more businesses are being flagged for sending SPAM. The email recipients either flag them as SPAM so they'll go straight to their junk mail folder in the future or they report the company.

How to avoid SPAM

The best way to avoid SPAM is to not do it. This means that you should not download email spider software that is going to crawl the internet for email addresses. What's going to happen is you're going to market to people who do not want your service or your product. They're going to get angry and this could have a negative impact on your business's reputation. First of all, they're going to put you on their blocked list, which means future efforts will be for nothing and, second of all, they're going to tell others about it. They may even report you for spamming them, which is something you do not want.

What you want to do is target your audience by having sign-up forms on your website. This means they're opting in. You can also exercise a lot of other opt-in methods so that you're not spamming. It is also possible for you to personally email them and tell them about your company. Ask them if they would like more information. If not, they can click a link in the email that indicates they do not want to receive more correspondence. If they do not click that opt-out link, then this is an indicator that they want to receive the emails. However, targeting your audience is what you really want to do because you know you're not wasting your time. As a matter of fact, you're marketing to people who want to receive your emails. That is going to be much more effective than literally gambling away your time and effort.

How not to get flagged

You also do not want your emails to be flagged. Even if they're legitimate, certain words can be flagged and that can cause your email to automatically be put into the junk mail folder of their email. Stay away from "spammy" words such as: Free, guaranteed, money, now, offer, and any combination of words that include those. Even if the email is completely innocent because the recipient subscribed, the email will be missed by them if it is placed into their junk mail folder.

The best way to combat this is to go to an online SPAM checker. There are plenty of free ones on the internet that you can use. What these programs do is let you know if the email you sent will be flagged as SPAM. This can be a very valuable tool to email marketers in making sure that their recipients actually see the emails instead of the emails going to another location within their inbox. Many email marketing service also provide SPAM score checking as a value added service. Note that the final spam score is based on the content of the email message as well as the delivery method.

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Email Marketing Techniques – 5 Powerful Techniques to Increase Your Open Rates and Sales

The more opens you get, the better your email marketing results will be. Here are 5 email marketing techniques to help you increase your rates and your sales.

1. Focus on the subject line. You really need to experiment with different subject lines. Test different subjects on the same email. You will see that some open better than others. Avoid spam words like Free and Prize.

2. Keep it interesting. People will not bother to open and read your email if it does not contain interesting content. Do not make the mistake of filling your newsletter with sales pitches. Tell stories, write articles, and make your reader's life better.

3. Time it just right. It is surprising how much time of day and day of week effect open rates. In general, avoid Mondays and weekends. But, as with everything, test out different times and days yourself and see which works best for you. Every market is different.

4. Keep it short. One great email marketing technique is to reduce the amount of text and to increase the frequency of your email. This may seem counterintuitive, but it works. People reading emails do not have a lot of time to devote to each email. Do them, and yourself, a favor and be brief and to the point.

5. Make it painful for readers to NOT open your newsletter. You want your newsletter to become an essential part of your reader's lives. One way to do this is to provide great, informative content. Become an essential resource, and your open rates will go way up.

Use these 5 email marketing techniques and watch your open rates and sales go up. You may be amazed how a few simple changes can make a big difference.

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How to Succeed With Email Marketing – 4 Simple Rules to Put in Practice on Every Campaign!

Email marketing went from a favored marketing tool to a pariah. As unscrupulous marketing companies bombarded people's e-mail boxes with countless SPAM messages consumers began to fight back with SPAM guards, filters and the delete button.

Although in any given day, regardless of your gender, you can receive at least ten emails on male enhancements, three on baldness and two on ladies looking to meet you tonight, the reality is most consumers still look at who the sender is and what the subject is before deciding whether or not to read a message.

If you become a trusted sender, you can continue to email market with great effectiveness.

Here are 4 simple rules to reach maximum success with Email Marketing:

Rule # 1 – Do Not Overuse a Mailing List

It may be tempting to send daily or weekly emails to your database. In very rare instances this can be acceptable. For the most part, however, this would be considered overuse. Catch someone on the wrong day and they will remove their e-mail from your database and you will lose any chance to stay in contact with them further.

Typically, a good rule of thumb is to consider weekly (in some cases); bi-weekly; or monthly email campaigns. This is a good way to stay in touch regularly without becoming a nuisance.

Rule # 2 – Send them What they Want

Before you start blasting away emails to your database, take a step back and remember how or why they joined your email list. Did you promise them something? Did you deliver on that promise? If you have not yet delivered on the promise you should do that before trying to sell them anything.

Try to provide information along with any specials or promotions you are running. Consider having some of your emails contain information only. This can help increase consumer confidence and loyalty.

Rule # 3 – Keep the Email Format Simple and Clean

People read email on their computers; smart phones; cell phones and even on their televisions. Keep this in mind when crafting your email. You want emails that will be clean and easy to read wherever they happen to be reading it.

HTML emails look great but many people do not read their emails in a format that will retain the formatting. Although you can still use this format you will want to make sure the email will still be easy to read and easy to follow if they do not receive it in HTML format.

Keep the emails short and remember that most people skim. Have clear catchy titles and subtitles. Highlight the most important things in the email and remember less is more.

Rule # 4 – Give them an Opt-Out Option

Give your database the option to opt-out of your list at any time. This may sound counter-intuitive but people will appreciate that you do not hold their email address hostage. If you do, they will lose any consumer confidence and loyalty they had with your company.

Someone who opts-out of your list may come back. Someone who tries to opt-out, but are unable to will rarely never visit your website again.

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18 Steps to Set Up Your List Building From Scratch

As has often been said by my mentor, Alex Jeffreys, the most important foundation in any internet marketing campaign was, "You MUST build your list."

First, the basic concept of any online business model which has been practiced by so many internet marketing mentors is building a list by driving traffic to their blog to get names and emails by providing them with something valuable from their squeeze page.

To summarize everything, here are the 18 Steps to List Building from Scratch which must be done by internet marketers if they are serious about making a fortune from online business.

1. Set up a domain name and a hosting account.

2. Set up a blog on your hosting account.

3. Set up your auto responder service.

4. Create your opt in form.

5. Develop your offer.

6. Create a squeeze page.

7. Add your opt in form to your blog.

8. Load your auto responder with content.

9. Optimize your blog for SEO and visitors.

10. Generate content for your blog.

11. Ping your blog.

12. How to set up social media for your blog.

13. Use article marketing to drive traffic.

14. Use video marketing to drive traffic.

15. Use press releases to drive traffic.

16. Use forum marketing to drive traffic.

17. Post on other people's blogs to dive traffic to your blog.

18. Set up a joint venture.

Hopefully these tips for getting set up will help you to get an overview regarding listing building strategies from scratch.

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How to Build Your Email List

You've all heard the saying "The money is in the list." So now you're focusing your efforts on building your list but it's going slow, right? How can you get your message out to lots and lots of people if you do not have a list? The list building secret you might want to consider is to use other people's lists .

No I'm not talking about getting someone to just give you their list, but there are ways that you can use someone else's list to build your own. The way to do this is with ezines. Every ezine publisher has a list of subscribers and there are ways that you can utilize that list of subscribers to build your own email list.

Finding an ezine

If you do a search on Google you can find literal millions of ezines. The key is to refine your search and narrow it down as much as possible to fit within your business niche. So, for example, if your main business is selling weight loss products you might want to search for ezines that are about diet and exercise.

You found the perfect ezine

So once you found an ezine that you'd like to do business with what next? There are a few things you can too to build your list using ezines.

Write an article

The best thing you can do, if possible, is to write in article and have it published in that ezine. The key here is that you will share valuable information with the subscribers but the benefit to you will be in your resource box. Your resource box is the area after the article telling the subscribers a little bit more about you with a link to your website. Most of the time submitting an article is free and you get the benefit of basically being endorsed by the publisher of that ezine. You come across does an expert on your topic and the people that clicked on the link to your website are then potential candidates for being added to your email list.

Submit an ad

The alternative to writing an article is to submit an ad. This ad will be seen by everyone who subscribes to that list. There are some ezines that let you publish an ad for free, there are paid ad subscriptions, and some ezines offer a little bit of both.

Using ezines is a fast way to build your email list

By focusing on a few ezines at a time, you can build a build your list quite quickly. You can also build relationships with other business owners as well as build the reputation of your website or blog. Utilizing other people's lists via ezines is definitely one of the best kept list building secrets I know of.

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