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The Biggest Time-Waster In Quitting Sugar

Are you a woman between 30 and 50 years old? Have you ever felt “stuck” on sugar? Have you ever described yourself as addicted to it?

Most importantly, have you wanted to quit sugar for some time now but had trouble getting around to doing that?

I’m convinced that the biggest time-waster when it comes to getting away from sugar once and for all is… waiting till you feel ready.

What Stands In Your Way?

Maybe you’ve eaten sugary foods – of one sort or another – to handle the stress you’re feeling. Many of us have done that, so it’s nothing to feel embarrassed about doing.

Yet it’s a self-perpetuating process.

Knowing – or fearing – that stresses will show up and not wanting to quit because of that is a virtual guarantee that you’ll stay stuck. Even if it’s not a fully conscious plan, it is still a plan to use sugar to handle the stress.

But that’s a never-ending battle! Stress of some type will always be there. And so will sugar. This is the U.S., after all.

Why You Should Quit Sugar Now

Here’s a true statement: The sooner you quit sugar, the sooner your brain chemicals and your blood glucose will be more stable.

Stable, you think, what’s so great about that?

As unsexy as stability may sound, what makes it great is that it will help you react less to any given stress in the first place.

A Tip From a Top Endurance Coach

My endurance coach – the late, fantastic Jim Karanas – had much to say about the pain associated with hard training. Here’s one point he frequently made about training:

It’s not that the pain goes away, but that you become less reactive to it.

This applies very well to stress. “Less reactive” is a perfect place to be when stress comes up – just as it is when the inevitable pain of tough training comes upon you.

Said another way, “It’s not that (the stress) doesn’t hurt, it’s just that it doesn’t matter.” You can create that less reactive state of mind for yourself if you stop procrastinating on quitting sugar.

Imagine being less reactive – unruffle-able – when stressed. How perfect does that sound?

A Valuable Get-Started Tip For You

Quit sugar NOW! Start by eating protein with absolutely everything you eat. Make sure the protein is REAL protein: shrimp, chicken, fish, eggs, Greek yogurt with 18 or more grams of protein per serving, and others.

Avoid protein imposters: nuts, cheese, quinoa.

Don’t expect the small amount of protein in leafy greens or other vegetables to do the trick for you. The brain needs more help here. Really.

Instead, use vegetable-based protein powders if you want to avoid animal products. Don’t cheat your brain of protein when you’re trying to quit sugar.

Protein won’t make the stress go away, of course, but it’s a good first step in helping you become less reactive to it.

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Spice Up Your Marriage — 10 Ideas

Every one wants an exciting sex life however many couples discover their passion for each other slowly fades after a while. The initial hormone induced feelings of lust fueling many seemingly endless nights of lovemaking do eventually weaken. This does not mean your intimate times together need to be routine or boring. As you get to know each other more, it is actually the perfect opportunity to spice up your marriage with more intimate thrills. Take the risk to add a little creative sexual adventure and you will rediscover an excitement that will reignite your passion for life and each other.

  1. Read erotica together.Although the juicy letters in many adult magazines are great for quick fun, higher quality short stories and novels provide a richer source of erotic inspiration to stimulate mutual fantasies and real life activities. The settings and situations described may even stimulate a bit of role-playing. Take turns reading out loud to each other. You will get more comfortable talking about sex and your own desires as well. Check out the Black Lace book collection for some great examples.
  2. Watch spicy and romantic movies alone together.Dirty movies have their place for bedroom fun but engaging movies with plots, characters, exotic situations and risqué adventure stimulate your minds more. Dedicated cuddle time watching a movie together helps to develop closeness with shared ideas for your own fun. The key is to discuss the movie before and afterwards to reinforce an awareness of how it stimulates each others desires and fantasies.
  3. Play couples games together.There are many adult, romantic, relationship and foreplay games available but any game for two will do. You can even add sexual forfeits to spice up your own favorite games. Go beyond just stripping and include an entire range of erotic treats to win. Add a sense of competition and reward good play with exceptional foreplay.
  4. Stimulate all your senses.Take a night and indulge in creative ways to enhance your lovemaking by focusing on various senses one at a time. Sound may involve background music, talking dirty or even absolute quiet. Scent in the form of perfume, cologne, incense, flowers and even food can be used to awaken or instill long-lasting emotional memories and feelings. Seeing each other naked or dressed in sexy clothing under the soft glow of colored lights, candlelight or moonlight can add to your visual excitement. Experiment with different textures or touching techniques to heighten sensitivity over your entire body. Use foods, syrups, liquors and even flavored lube creatively to stimulate your hunger for other sensual treats.
  5. Exercise together.Not only does exercise keep you in shape for great sex, it stimulates hormone production that increases your desire for sex. With more energy and stamina, your lovemaking can be more vigorous and last longer too.
  6. Have random sex.Agree to get lucky in love and take a chance to do something unexpected. Use some form of randomizing technique (dice, spinner, cards, ideas from a jar, lottery ticket numbers, etc.) to choose one or more erotic activities to enjoy. Include some of your favorites, some rare activities and maybe a few new ones that are a little more naughty than usual.
  7. Plan spontaneous sex.Either alone or together, plan a sexual adventure involving an impromptu meeting and mating. Always have contingency plans in case unexpected situations arise so you are not disappointed. By planning an erotic tryst in advance, you will also keep your mind open for opportunities for wild sex when ever they occur.
  8. Create a pleasure chestwith delightful sex accessories. Beyond the standard sex toys, lingerie and leather, keep your eyes and minds open for regular household items with pleasure potential. Go sex shopping together and search for unique items that could be used for erotic and sensual stimulation. Consider the texture, shape, size, temperature and how it will feel stroking, tapping, scratching, rubbing, etc. on various areas of the body.
  9. Invest in a private love library.The more carnal knowledge you possess, the more variety you can add to your sex life. On going sex education is a good thing especially when you do it together as a couple and combine it with hands on experience. Make it a practice to buy a new sex book with new tips and ideas once or twice a year. Browse them and read interesting sections together so you are learning at the same time and can support each other trying out new ideas.
  10. Go out on dates together.Romantic, fun, exciting and relaxing escapes together all add different elements to your relationship. These are not necessarily times you will have sex together but you will definitely improve your overall intimacy and enhance your feelings toward each other.

Make your sex life a priority — it is an essential component of a happy and successful marriage. It may take some effort but mutual fun and sensual pleasure will ensure your love lasts a good long time.

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