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Blogging For SEO Success

A lot has been said recently online about blogging and guest blogging. While 2013 was coming to an end, 'guest blogging' was on every marketers lips. Matt Cutt's Blog on the 20th January of this year caused marketers to tear their hair out. Like all things, when an idea hits the internet, every one hops on that bandwagon for fear of not following the crowd.

While I agree with aspects of both sides of the argument, I feel most marketers are missing the point of all the 'Google' updates in the first place. I understand most marketers are frustrated in being lead to believe a tactic will work, and within a few months, are told that it will lead to penalies. Where I agree with the general feeling of resentment is the idea that being backlinked to / from a spammy blog will cause you to be penalized, rather than the spammy blog itself. I honestly believe if the intention is to reduce spam, Google should target spam sites first, not those who link to it. If there is no value in a site, no one will want to link to it in the first place. It's a catch 22, because no matter what becomes the next big thing for marketers, it means that thousands of sites / SEOists will be doing a lot of that, all the time. This in itself will become spammy, and face a potential penalty down the line at some stage.

I find a different approach works. Uniqueness. Why follow the crowd so fast and so much. If you hear about the next big internet marketing trend, take your time with it. Look at it tomorrow. Figure out where the benefit is for you and your customers, and if it makes sense, do it. Never loose sight of the most important thing – Your Brand. Forget what implications may arise from the search engines. Forget about what you can not control. Focus on what can be achieved. I believe in the 80/20 rule across the board. 80% effort on tried and trusted ideas and 20% on speculation. I treat my own companies, guidelines and my clients differently. I do not preach 'do what I do' to everyone. I believe in Giving my customers a combination of what they want and what is best for them. There are no set of 'must follow rules' when it comes to blogging, SEO or marketing online. What is true because if you read between the lines and the consequent falling out of love with guest blogging is this: marketers who do the same things that other marketers are doing are not doing their job properly. In my mind that is spam. This creates in itself a problem for search engines, as yet again, they can not tell the good from the bad. All they can do is tarnish everyone with the same brush.

Getting to the point of using blogs for SEO success brings me to this. Most companies have been told to create a blog on a big, high ranking blog site, assuming that would be the route to success. In theory it sounds good, to get a back link from high GR site would do wonders for you. The problem as I see it is most of these pages have a very low page authority, as they are isolated in the world wide web. This means not only is it hard to find, but creating a linking system is time consuming and not a great use of effort. A better plan is to create a blog on your own site, and share it to your social media every time you post. If you are serious about using a blog, the benefits of using your branded site for it are immense. It creates fresh content, which Google love. Also, It fulfills your requirement to write relative and fresh content. Not much chance of it being duplicate if you write it yourself. It can act as a newsletter, without having to use mailchimp or other mail merge software. People can subscribe to your feed instead. You can utilize images at the correct size for optimal sharing, increasing the chances of your blog going 'viral'. (I use the term Viral loosely).

You can easily share it to your social media of choice, either by an automated system or by a share plugin. I work on WordPress systems mostly and by far the best option is 'Jetpack'. Some hosting companies will not allow a direct link to WordPress, as it is deemed to be a security risk. But if you have a WordPress website, and add a posting page, connected with jetpack, it is amazing. The Publicize feature is my tip of the day. You can prepare a new post in minutes, add a featured image and publish to your own site, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Path at the click of a button. What is best is it links to your blog page on social media sites. This encourages people to click through to your site, which is the main aim in blogging in the first place. So there you have it, start from your own site, link to external sites, with natural links to your home site. It takes as long as it takes to write an article, and you get to tick all the boxes for cross platform posting, with an anchor link in one.

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Easy Ways to Make Good Money With Blogs

Welcome readers, In this article, I'm going to explain how you can earn a good amount of money online by writing blogs. A blog is a website where you can write just about any topic in the world that you like. To put it simply a blog is a personal diary where you share your private thoughts with your blog visitors.

Blog writing can be very profitable and can earn you huge amount of money, if done smartly. The basic trick is not to write just about anything in your blog but instead write about topics that really interest you and on topics on which you are really knowledgeable. If you follow this then please visit your blog visitors will increase and absolutely you will have lots of blog visitors. As we know the more visitors a site or blog receives, the more chance there is to earn good amount of money from it from advertisements, because advertisers will only allow their ads to be placed on sites or blog that receives good amount of visitors.

Its quite easy to create a blog. There are some good websites like,, etc that host blogs for free. First step is to get registered with any of those websites and use their easy to use features to create a blog.

My blog is hosted on I frequently post my blogs there and get good amount of blog visitors. I am in the process of finding advertisements for my blog. Hopefully very soon I will find some good advertisers who are willing to let their ads be placed on my blog and if any of my blog visitor clicks on their ads then I will get money from them. In my opinion advertisement company Google AdSense is best for your blog if you get good amount of blog visitors.

Folks I have tried to give you all the information that you need regarding earning money from blogs online. Hope this information is useful to you. Do try it out and start writing a blog to earn good amount of money online.

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Make Money Blogging – Everyday of the Month

With our economy bad everyone wants to learn how to make money blogging. There are definitely many ways you can make money on the internet but most people seem to be fascinated with blogging. People seem to think that it will be easy but it is definitely not. However, if you stick with it for a while you should be able to bring in a decent income. Below I have gone through some ways you can make money blogging.


This seems to be the way that most people try to bring in the cash. Of course you’re not going to get many advertisers until you get the traffic coming to your blog. This is really easy to setup and there are many plugins for WordPress that will basically make it so that people can click on a blank ad and they submit their ad image and pay the money for the advertisement. Then the plugin will automatically show it on your sidebar. Of course, start getting traffic first!


This is my favorite way to bring in the extra money. You find products that you can be an affiliate for and then try to sell them on your blog. Just make sure that they have to do with your niche. You do not want to sell animal products on a garden web site. There are a few web sites that you can find affiliate products easily. My favorite is ClickBank since you can just search their marketplace and find whatever you are looking for. Then you set up a link so that if people click it and then pay for the product, you will receive a commission. Usually commissions on ClickBank are more than 30%.


This is usually an overlooked way of making money blogging. The reason why is because Google doesn’t really like you doing this. There are many ways around this so the Google doesn’t know. Most WordPress plugins that help you if you have adlinks will automatically block Google from knowing you are using them. What they basically are is when you write a certain phrase in one of your blog posts it will link to a site. Then if people click on it while they are reading your post you get so much money. It is just an easy way to make a couple of bucks.

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How You Can Generate Fast Money Online Blogging

Have you ever thought you could make money online by blogging? Do you own a blog and want to use it to start earning extra income with your blog? Knowing the basic to blogging and how to monetize your blog is the key to earn a profit. To begin your fast money online blogging journey there are a few things one must know.

Below is a simple way to earn income promoting your blogs:

First will be what type of blog do you have or want to start? If you do not have a blog now, do not worry there are plenty of blogging platform you can choose from, plus they are free. Pick your platform carefully and do not go overboard with fancy gimmicks or gadgets on the blog, as this will only detract from the actual reason for the blog.

Once you have the platform you want to use, you need to pick a name for your blog. This name should be relevant to what you are going to blog about. An example is, "lose weight" or "dieting tips". This is a keyword rich name that can assist with SEO efforts.

Now that you have the platform and name, you want to make it appealing and keep it filled with good quality content relating to the name of your blog. Use keywords to target your audience and generate a following. Without readers you will not make money.

Now you can begin to promote your blog to other blogs, forums and directories to get more traffic. The more your blog is linked the better your ranking in the search engines and the more traffic will be sent to you.

Now, for the fast money online blogging … Monetize! You can make money by using Google AdSense. Sign up for an AdSense account and put the HTML code or account number in your blog (depends on your blog platform). Once you have the code in your blog, Google will put content on your blog relating to the topic you chose. You can set up what type of content ie text ads only, picture and text ads or just picture ads. Feel free to play around and see what does the best for you. For every click on the Google ad, you will earn a percentage from the click. More click equals more money.

Affiliate marketing through ClickBank or another affiliate program will generate even more profits for you. Register for an account and start to promote products related to your blog. Do not promote dog products on a weight loss blog that will hinder your blog performance.

ClickBank is a great source for affiliate marketing products and you do not have to sell anything. You are able to review some products and use premade banners, and other tools provided to use on your own blog. You will just need to make sure you change the affiliate code to match the one you used when you registered. Every time someone clicks the affiliate link you have the potential to earn even larger commissions and even recurring sales.

The key to fast money online blogging is keeping your blog updated with fresh relevant content and generate a following to your blog. Remember without traffic or a following to your site you will not make money. Submit articles to article directories, join forums, and even socialize your blog on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Do not overload visitors affiliate and AdSense links. Keep it fresh and relevant and you can make money online easily.

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Video Blogging For Profits Made Easy

Video blogging for profit is simple, because that is what you do, keep it simple do not over complicate it.

Lighting, hair, color of shirt, makeup, does not to be perfect, keep it real.

It Really Doesn’t Matter (Bill Murray Meatballs Two).

There are no rules merely guidelines(Captain Jack Sparrow).

Are you getting the drift. Do you recognize these Actors and their infamous lines from movies. It is your video and blog, let it show your personality.

  • Search engines love blogs, they are constantly looking for content and articles with keywords.
  • So keep your articles full of keywords you have researched to be popular.
  • Keywords need to be in your title, description, tags, and every paragraph, or every 100 words.

Now you need to put your video from your blog on YouTube, and your YouTube video needs to have the link for your blog at the beginning of the description below your video. Follow that? 

Now to get profits from video blogging subscribe to Traffic Geyser and blast your video and blog post out to other video, article, blog, pod cast, and social sites.

You will not believe the exposure you will get.

Visits to your blog,website and promotion links will greatly increase.

Traffic Geyser sends your video to approximately 20-30 sites and 30 or more article sites, blog sharing sites and if you choose Facebook and other social sites.

Do these steps and start educating yourself about blogging with internet achievers who are successful, and video blogging for profits will become a reality.

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Business Blogging is Big Business!

Blogging is big business right now, everyone has a blog from the big guys at Microsoft to next-door’s angry teenager. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s a great marketing tool for a business.

Business blogging can be used to keep customers and visitors up to date on what’s going on in a business, what’s coming up, general chit-chat that doesn’t fit anywhere else on the company site but might be interesting. It also brings a personal feel to the site when it’s done right.

No matter how corporate and professional the web site may be, business blogging should be kept on a conversational level. It’s an informal contact that can be used to communicate and to sell at the same time. Keep up with comments made from visitors and reply to them if necessary – it shows that their comments are valued and they’ll likely return.

It doesn’t always have to be the guy in IT who does the blog just because it’s a technical thing. Anyone can write it, it’s the person who knows what they are talking about on that particular subject that makes the blog work.

Link to other blogs and articles of interest around the web if it’s appropriate to. Linking is a big feature of blogs and it can encourage return links. Use trackbacking, if possible, a form of notifier between blogs to say they’ve been commented on. This kind of networking can provide both valuable visitors and some good links to feed the search engines with.

Linking the blog to an RSS feed is a good idea too, as it will automatically tell interested parties when it’s updated, to save them having to keep checking back. They may even forget to occasionally, so a gentle prod will bring them back to keep up with the news.

The regularity of a blog is important, therefore it needs to be thought out before setting it up to make sure there will be things to say. Try to set a regular sort of time for postings. Daily, every three days, every week, it doesn’t really matter as long as it is regularly updated – that is the point of a blog.

The search engines will read the blog and will like it for being kept up to date. So, make sure to get a few keywords in there without going overboard and it will know the content is relevant to the site, helping keep it’s spiders busy and listing positions as high as possible.

If a business blog should not work out for any reason, collect pertinent posts for a news archive and close the blog gracefully over a period of time rather than immediately, making sure to inform regular users.

And finally, enjoy it! People will know if the blog is enthusiastic or if it’s being done as a chore – guess which one they will prefer to read.

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Home Based Business Ideas – Why You Need to Use Video

Home based business ideas for success typically require you to get your message out to the masses, and there’s no better way to do this than through the use of video.

Adding video to your marketing strategy is becoming a must have in your network marketing lead building efforts. It allows you to build and brand your image, let’s call it your You Inc. When prospecting people for your business, especially over the internet, how do you break down the trust barriers with someone who doesn’t know you? A website with words effectively written by someone with excellent copy writing skills can bring significant returns for your network marketing business. But good copy writing is a skill that is developed over a period of time and it doesn’t allow people to connect and relate to you quickly.

Instead, pull out a camera and video yourself sharing your story. Talk about your story, interests, hobbies, and more. Share your passions, victories and frustrations as you work from home in a home based business. People who come across your You Inc will see and hear you. As they hear your story, it will give them the opportunity to connect and relate to you.

This is the sweet spot you need to be in for your business. The trust barriers will begin to come down and if a strong connection is made, the prospect will literally call you to join your MLM or home based business opportunity.

Think about this, what would you rather do? Would you like to chase people down to join your business or would you like people to call you to join your network marketing company?

Here are some things to keep in mind when adding video to your home based business lead generation efforts:

1. Get a good webcam or small camera that takes video. You can get quality at low cost. Don’t go too low, but also don’t break the bank. I recommend the Logitech 9000 for a webcam and a Canon Digital Elph camera which takes digital photos in addition to good quality video with audio.

2. Setup a YouTube account to easily upload your videos which will then allow you to display them on almost any webpage. YouTube receives some of the highest traffic on the internet and is the first location you need to put your videos.

3. When thinking about a storyboard for each 3-5 minute video you produce, be creative and vary the scenery in which you film your videos.

4. Enough can’t be said about having a smile and a passionate delivery when you film your videos. You don’t need to be over the top, but have some excitement in your voice with some smiles mixed in from time to time.

Good luck in your video production efforts for your home based business!

Now when you connect video with an online marketing funnel your results will be significant.

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Blog Tutorial – How To Create A Blog

A blog is a personal journal that you update online
frequently and the author points to other links to support
the author's commentary. Readers post comments on
the journal entries and this makes the blog interactive.
Readers can also subscribe to blogs using Really Simple
Syndication (RSS).

Brainstorm ideas on paper. Find topics that interest you
like karate, dancing or fish to name a few examples. An
example of a good niche is product reviews of digital
cameras. Preferably choose an idea that you already know a
lot about. You can use the Overture Inventory Tool or
Wordtracker to find words that get traffic from search
engines with little or no competition and write content
using these keywords.

I suggest using the two main types of software for creating
blogs Blogger or WordPress. I recommend Blogger if you
starting out on the internet as it is very simple. If you
want more features use WordPress. You may want to hire a
professional to set it up for you and do your layout of
your blog as it it can get technically complicated to work
with. I recommend registering your own domain and signup
for your own web hosting to publish your blog to. If you
decide to choose the hosted blog on Blogger and WordPress
and you migrate to your own domain once you become well
established this will cause you to lose your search engine

You can use Technorati tags to tag your posts. This will
allow you to dominate niche conversations. You can also use
Social bookmarking services like Addme to generate code to
install on your website that will allow your visitors to
tag your posts thus creating popularity for them on social
bookmarking sites and giving you backlinks.

You can use Google AdSense to monetize your blog. Use
different layouts to test which generates the most income
for you. You can also use affiliate links related to your
article. If you offer a blog on a highly technical subject
like digital cameras you can also use Chitika eMiniMalls.

You can market your blog in the following ways. Submit your
blog to blog carnivals. These blogs host a carnival
featuring blogs related to a niche. You will also receive
backlinks from these and this will boost your link
popularity. You can use a service like Onlywire which
creates a link in your toolbar that allows you to submit a
blog post to several social bookmarking sites at once
allowing you to get visitors from many different websites.
Submit your blog to the most popular blog directories and
also the rss directories.

Master these basics and you can build a successful blog. If
you build a number of blogs you can ever turn this
into a full time income.

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Choose Best Free Themes for WordPress Websites and Blogs

Designing your personal blog with the help of free themes for WordPress websites will prove to be more beneficial for sure. Faster responsive themes, which adapt to your personalized website readily, are the most needed feature in the first place. Projecting a professional look from such themes will prove to be even more useful from a business perspective. Creative programmers with several years of robust experience will be working upon such themes to produce the best results.

Free themes for WordPress blogs too are helpful for the professionals, in case they would like to explore unique features as per their requirement. SEO friendly features are included because of which ranking the concerned blogs upon the search engine list will be possible from various prospects. Creating best blogs with the consideration of maximum concepts is ensured by the dedicated programmers, along with all those features that are to be made available as per the user requirements. Top themes meant for the creation of most useful concepts too will prove to be highly valuable.

Maximum business advantage can be obtained using free themes for WordPress websites, with the scope for increased flexibility. Choosing the most precise concepts on the basis of WP themes too will be possible at a later point of time. Appealing designs with the best choice of website concepts are known to offer increased flexibility for the programmers in an extensive manner. Eventually, this will be helpful in enhancing the website accessing features in precisely the same way as needed.

Increased responsiveness from the free themes for WordPress blogs will ensure that the business performance standards are increased to a maximum extent. Customers get to access the information they need in a user friendly manner. Featured menus, along with the creation of new ones in a dynamic fashion are realized without disturbing the actual design of the websites. Experienced programmers are known to make maximum use of the available standards in this regard.

Website designing is now an effortless activity with optimum creativity included, because of the improved performance from the free themes for WordPress websites as per the requirements. Unique features are included in the case of diverse website concepts, which are included in accordance with the latest standards as per the current situations prevalent in the industry. High quality themes with ultimate responsiveness will prove to be most essential, as far as the latest organizational requirements are considered.

Professional bloggers will be able to organize their blog posts in an extensive manner with the consideration of Free themes for WordPress blogs as per the requirement. Experienced WP programmers are known to create, design and publish the latest set of themes on the basis of current requirements of the bloggers from contrasting backgrounds of their profession. More specifically, it is because of those themes, which you cannot afford to overlook, the ultimate online user experience is possible. Scoring more upon the search engine list is something that is followed in the aftermath due to the perfect realization of multiple themes in an exclusive manner.

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How Can I Make Money by Blogging?

Many of us have started our genealogy blogs because we either wanted to document our journey of finding our roots or we wanted to make sure others in our family could access and benefit from our recent discoveries.

Over time, including seeing a proliferation of blogs (which is natural – most geneabloggers end up with more than one blog), some of us wonder if we can somehow bring in a little income with our blogs. And many experienced geneabloggers might say, "That's what you'll get – a little income."

Here is an overview of methods – some easier than others – for you to use if that is your desire. One point of caution: many readers and potential visitors to your blog may be turned off by overt advertising or methods you might use to bring in some money. As a blog owner you need to understand your audience and decide how you want to handle potential negative feedback.


Although the payrate for "click advertising" where readers click on ads that take them to the advertiser's site is low, many of us do include either specific genealogy-related ads (such as Ancestry, footnote, etc.) or we use Google AdSense to deliver targeted advertising based on blog content and keywords.

One of my favorite blogs about "the biz" of blogging is ProBlogger with great ideas about every aspect of blogging including how to monetize your blog.


There are a myriad of affialiates programs available to bloggers, the most notable being Amazon Associates. The Amazon program allows you to display items of possible interest to your audience and if they click the Amazon ad and follow through with a purchase you can get paid a commission on the item.

Amazon Associates Program

footnote Affiliates Program

Write Articles

One way to generate some traffic to your blog and hopefully to your advertisements is to do some article writing. By this I mean writing an article for an online publication and drive traffic by linking from those articles back to your blog.

One method is to post at one of the top article directories available on the Web such as EZine Articles.

Some Advice

If you decide to incorporate any of these methods, you will need to focus on increasing traffic to your blog. Miriam at AnceStories has a great series of posts entitling Getting More Traffic To Your Blog which every geneablogger should review.

Also, especially new bloggers, be judicious in who you select to affiliate with or use for advertising – after all it does serve as a reflection on your blog

And avoid come-ons from emails or sites that ask you to pay a monthly fee to bring in revenue and traffic to your blog. Most of these are "fly-by-night" organizations and they are the only ones profitting from the "pay to play" arrangement.

© 2009, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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