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Building a Email List – How to Build Your Email List FAST!

It’s the world’s greatest business model. Capture the names and email addresses of as many of your prospects as possible. You can then market to them over and over and over and over again. There are a handful of factors to take into consideration as you build your email list. We will discuss those here.

The most important things to consider when building a email list are speed, conversion, and retention. Let’s go over each of these individually…

* Speed: To really make it count, we want to build our lists as big as possible in extremely fast order. There is no room to be shy when it comes to building a email list. We’ve got to get after it 100%. This is how to become a super success. The best way to accomplish this is to set up a “squeeze page” and run PPC (pay per click) campaigns to get hordes of traffic landing on your squeeze page. To lower your costs per click and really get the most bang for your buck, it is a good idea to set up a few separate squeeze pages which target specific keywords in each individual ad group.

For example, if you are targeting an ad group with “lose weight fast” as your primary keyword, then your squeeze page should have the phrase “lose weight fast” quite a few times throughout your text. Then, if you wanted to target the key phrase “drop body fat quickly,” you could create a separate squeeze page targeting that particular keyphrase.

The reason for doing this is that your costs per click go down significantly when your ad group’s keywords are very highly relevant and tightly targeted to your landing page’s keywords. Obviously, this can take a little bit of time, but the results are well worth it. I’ve heard there are special codes you can use that will automatically change the text of a single landing page to optimize it for a particular ad group, but I don’t yet fully understand how to implement it, but perhaps it’s worth looking in to.

* Conversion: If you’ve got a zillion people landing on your squeeze page every day, but you’re only capturing 5 or 10 email addresses, something isn’t working. It’s important when building a email list to really entice your visitor to sign up. You can do this by offering a free report, a free e-book, a free video, free software, or a combination of these things. This is critical. Also, check your squeeze page for any marketing no-no’s. You would be wise to really study excellent squeeze page etiquette. Spend a few hours on YouTube getting ideas. It will be time well spent.

* Retention: Once they’re on your list, you want to keep them there. The easiest way to do this is to provide real value and keep promotions to a bare minimum. FREE information goes a long way in building trust as you build your email list. This is extremely important. Send free info about once a week… don’t saturate their inbox, as they WILL get sick of you after a while. Show them respect and don’t hound them. I’ve even sent semi-personal emails to my subscribers, telling them what my wife made for dinner and then giving them the recipe. This builds incredible rapport, keeps my subscribers on my list, and gives me amazing results when I do decide to promote something (once to three times per month).

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