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Article Marketing is Best For New Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Has Changed For New Website Owners – Here Are The Free Tips

This article is designed for those that have a great idea and now maybe you even have the website but what comes next. You have had so many people tell you what to do with those free internet marketing tips and help but some of it seems to conflict. Here are my top 3 internet marketing tips for new websites!

Free Internet Marketing Tip # 1

Understand that internet marketing and building a web based business is not an over night plan. I do not care if you a master secret that some of these internet gurus have promised you. But it is the very best business plan on the face of the earth. I can not tell you how many times I am literally sitting at my computer at 10 in the morning checking orders and making a few calls to employees to make sure that things are right before I go to workout or to run errands or even take my daughter to school. I mean, what other business has actually zero rent, and depending on the business, can have very little if any inventory cost. In other words, your capital outlay should be very low to get started. There is not much risk to internet businesses if done correctly. However, you do have to allow some time for your business to gel.

So tip # 1 is simply this. Do not quit your day job if you have one until the business does start to gel. If you do not have one then do not spend a lot of money in building your business – you do not need to. By keeping your cost low you can allow your business to come together over time. And it will come together if you put the effort in and fine tune it as it begins to grow!

Free Internet Marketing Tip # 2

Bring your sites slowly into the search engines and use strong sites to get links. This is vital to keep you out of the proverbial sand box that Google has. The better or stronger the sites that link to you the less time you will spend waiting to rank. The best way to do this is use the larger Article Sites. If you are using the article marketing sites to get links to your site then make sure that they use do follow links as some of the better known article marketing sites do not use the do follow links. This means that your link does not count in the eyes of the search engines.

Free Internet Marketing Tip # 3

Do not start off going after words that are hard to rank for. Use tools such as Google Suggest to find words that are searched between 100 and 1200 times per month that relate to your product or service. This is vital because when you write your articles and submit to the larger article directories your article will often rank for these right away and you will get traffic and extremely conversions. In the meantime your site will be building momentum from relevant content links and authority sites. You will then be getting sales or orders that you will be able to put back into your business to grow your business. This works!

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