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African Americans And Online Marketing – How To Reach Diverse Target Markets With Online Advertising

What role does internet marketing play in reaching African-Americans and other diverse target markets? It presents advertisers with the unique opportunity to market online to a specific group of consumers, connecting with them in a meaningful way, creating a loyal consumer base. There are massive statistics available to the advertiser wanting to reach out to these diverse target markets, creating a virtual "How To" for online marketing to African-Americans, as well as other minorities.

A Growing Population:

According to statistics collected from the US Census Bureau, there are currently 35 million African-Americans living in the United States. This breaks down to 12.7 percent of the entire US population. Up to 85% of African-Americans are living in metropolitan areas. In the past 20 years, Black households have increased by 48 percent. It is expected that the current African-American population will grow at nearly twice the rate of any other US population.

The Top Five African-American Cities Are:

  • Houston
  • Detroit
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • New York

Blacks are quickly emerging as a rising consumer population, with spending habits that are getting noticed. Large companies and corporations have realized this and have created internet advertising campaigns in order to effectively reach this diverse targeted market online.

Consider This :

Recent statistics show that 23% of the Black population have a Bachelor's (or higher) degree, and 43% own their homes.

Other statics for African-American Consumer spending for the past 12 months indicate that:

  • 64% of Black households took at least one vacation
  • They spend $ 3.8 billion on electronics
  • They spend $ 33 billion new cars
  • The average household favors , not earns, $ 23,642.00 annually

Amazing Statistics:

These are notable statics and it is causing advertisers to take notice. Through advertising, companies like Verizon, Proctor and Gamble, Lexus, and Ford, just to name a few, have figured out how to reach this diverse target market by creating specific advertising for their Black consumers with internet marketing campaigns that have a message and a purpose. These have been greatly successful and effective for the most part.

Indeed, the voice of the African-American consumer is getting louder and being heard. The accumulation of these impressive statistics, and the gaining popularity of Internet Marketing as the indicator in how to effectively reach these diverse target markets with online advertising has given companies and corporations the opportunity to reach out to the Black population in a unique and meaningful way.

In today's world, online advertising as an effective way to reach African-Americans, and other diverse target markets, should be an essential part of any company's marketing strategy. Is your company doing everything it can to promote itself and it's products through Internet Marketing?

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