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Affiliate Marketing – Is Having Your Own Website Necessary?

Making money online with affiliate programs has become very popular over the past few years. More and more people are taking an advantage of the Internet to earn more money. One of the main questions, when a new affiliate starts with affiliate marketing programs, is this:

"Is having my own website necessary if I want to make money online?"

One of the best ways to earn an income online is to get your own affiliate link, promote it, and when someone click and buys what you are selling, you will make a commission on that. This is really the best way for anyone who wants to make extra money on the web from their own homes. There are plenty of people all over the world who are doing this and succeeding.

Having only a link promoted on the Internet is really a very short term approach when making money online because you will not be able to fully leverage on the traffic that you are getting.

It would be a better idea for you to get your own website with some sort of an opt in email form that people can subscribe to.

Why? well most of the sales letters for different products online have a conversion rate of about 0.80% to 2%. If you bring in about 100 people to your own affiliate link, maybe 1 or 2 people will purchase the product and the 98 of those people will just leave the page and never come back. If you are really lucky, 2-5 of them might bookmark the site for future consideration.

Now let's say that you have your own website. You can make more money with these same 100 people. If you create your own website and have some sort of an email newsletter opt in form on it, there is a very good chance that about 20-30 people will subscribe to your list. Once you capture their name and email, there is a good possibility that some or all of the 20-30 subscribers will buy your product in the future.

Another good benefit of having your own website and a list of email subscribers is that when ever you have a new product or program that you want to sell, you can actually let your list know about it and this will bring in sales for you even more .

That's why you need to have your own website. Only promoting your own link without a website is a short term goal but having your own website and email list is about leveraging and having a long term successful Internet business.

If you do not have your own email list because you do not know how to start one, then I am inviting you to subscribe to my email newsletter in my resource box below. You will be able to see what I am doing so that you too can make more money by having your own opt in newsletter.

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