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Affiliate Marketing – Competition Analysis 101

Like the heading states, in this article I'll be discussing competition analysis and I'll be showing you some of the methods to use to do so. We'll be finding out who exactly your competitors are, how many of them are there and what keywords are they targeting. It's pretty important to do this after you have done your keyword research or even better to combine this and do it while doing keyword research. By doing this you will get a good indication of how full or empty your chosen niche is and if it is profitable.

So after doing your keyword research head over to Google, with your main theme or term.

Now take the keyword you wish to analyze and perform a search query. Google will in turn bring back all the results of pages that have been indexed with the word you queried and will highlight it in bold blue. Now this is not the best way to do targeted competitor research, because a lot of the websites bought back do not even target that specific keyword or are not at all related to that theme. So the number you'll see after performing your search is in most cases extremely bloated and there is not a chance that the amounts of competitors are that high.

To find out exactly how many indexed pages in Google are targeting that exact term or phrase – do the following:

Next add your search term between quotation marks. Now click search again and see how the number drops.

You should see a pretty big drop in the competition after your initial search, but even so you're not done yet. The list of sites you see only have the targeted word or phrase in their content, that's not to say that their site is related or specifically targeting the above theme. So here's how you find out who you're real competitors are – the guys optimizing their sites for the keywords in and around yours.

Start by removing the quotation marks around the phrase in the search box. Then go ahead and add the following directly in front of the keyword (allintitle 🙂 without the brackets and then click search.

Now the number you see after doing the allintitle search will give you the correct competition value. These site's specifically target the queried search term. They use the keyword in their page, content, url and obviously title. So they are really optimizing their site for that specific keyword, phrase and extremely that niche.

Ok, so how much is too much competition. Well we personally recommend you to stick to the lower range when it comes to competition, especially in the early stages of your affiliate marketing endeavors. Go for niches with competitors less than a 10 000, that's save for now. Think of it as when you were little, did you try out for the little league baseball team or did you go all the way to the major league … makes sense does not it. So stick to what you know for now.

Make sure to play around with this and before you know it you'll find a market with high demand and not enough suppliers. Lookout for gaps like that in the beginning which will make all your efforts worth while.

Lastly, Make Sure To Never Do The Following …

When starting to optimize your website and after you found a valid keyword … make sure that the keyword you chose has sponsored links and listings in Google. Never optimize a page for a certain keyword if it does not have sponsored links. The sponsored links and amount of it tells you that there is money to be made from that keyword or niche.

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