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5 Effective List Building Methods

List building is one of the key things to do while doing an email marketing. The challenge is how to get people to opt in to your email list. No email = No Sales, the rule is just as simple as that. Thus, the objective is to build the list as large as possible.

In order to have a big list, the challenge is to reach out as many people as possible. However, the tricky part is how to convince people to give their email addresses to strangers or any marketing web sites. The following are 5 effective list building methods that you can use:

(1) Give away quality eBook with good content. The information in the eBook has to be useful to the subscribers. Good and useful content will attract more subscribers.

(2) Writing articles and submit to multiple leading articles directories. This method helps to reach out the target audience who are seeking for the intended information. The readers will be interested to find out more and then have a higher chance to subscribe to your email distribution list.

(3) Offer a free eCourse video and publish the preview to YouTube. Direct the viewers to your domain to sign up for your free e-course video. The e-course can be split into a few parts so that you can send separate parts of the content to their inbox.

(4) Use your blog to preview some of the information that you are going to give away. Ask your viewers to sign up in order to receive the full content.

(5) Use a free giveaway event, a massive ad swap method, to exchange your list members with your fellow markets. What you need for a giveaway event is to have your squeeze page, a free product (eg eBook) and a product to sell.

There are many more strategies you can use but the above 5 are good enough to generate a huge list for you.

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