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3 List Building Essentials That You Must Know to Build A Responsive List of Subscribers

Every internet marketer knows that list building is an essential tool to converting website traffic into sales. When done properly, it will help boost your income, credibility, and page ranking all at once!

A quality list will also ensure you a responsive community of leads that will:

  • Buy your products and services
  • Create a buzz about the product / service you offer
  • Look up to you as an expert
  • Help you in list building by referring people

Now that we have established some of the benefits of a quality list, it's time to learn my 3 list building techniques.

List building essentials:

1. A website or blog : This is where your products or services will be shown. It's very important that your website is user friendly. Not everyone is as smart as you are! It should be instructional, catchy but not too "salesy."

2. Squeeze page : Ideally, this is where your website's visitors will arrive after clicking a link to your website. The squeeze page is where the list building process begins and it is very essential to successful e-mail marketing. It is a form, which allows you to get a prospect's information, usually the e-mail address and complete name. Experienced marketers put a link to their squeeze page at the top and bottom of each web page to ensure maximum exposure.

Also, provide a disclaimer, which states how much you value privacy. Internet theft and spamming is so rampant nowdays that most people are dependent on giving away their information. The cure to that is to ensure your prospects that you will not sell their information and spam their inbox. Try not to ask for too much information, unless you need it. If you need to ask for a phone number, give them a good reason to give it to you. Remember that the main purpose of list building for online marketing is to get your prospect's email address, not their personal information.

3. Bribe : Most people call it "ethical bribe." Simply, a bribe is what you can offer a prospect in exchange for their information. This, I believe is the true foundation of e-mail marketing and list building. A bribe should be something of value such as videos, e-books, coaching sessions, discount on services, etc. Whatever bribe you choose to give, make sure that it is relevant to your market and that it lives up to the promise of your squeeze page. False advertisements never lead anyone anywhere. It also helps you build a connection with your leads.

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