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The Myth and the Truth of the IP Address Tracing

Many people are under the misconception that it’s easy to trace the physical location of the computer to which an internet IP address has been assigned and thereby identify the computer’s user.

It’s certainly not easy and depending on who you are it may not even be possible.

An IP or “Internet Protocol” address is the unique number assigned to every device such as a computer on a network so that data can be routed to and from that device and no other. Much like your postal mailing address identifies the physical location of your post box and allows your mail carrier to know where to deliver your mail, a device’s IP address is what allows the internet to know where to send the data destined for your computer.

But while an IP address is like a physical address it’s important to realize that’s not what it actually is.

IP addresses are assigned not based on where you are, but based on where you get your internet connectivity. The IP address that might be assigned to your computer at home might be radically different than the one assigned to your neighbor’s computer next door if you use different ISPs. Even if you used the same ISP there are no rules or practices that would make your IP addresses necessarily appear “close” to one another in any sense, other than the convenience of the ISP.

And yet somehow television and movie dramas would have us believe that given just an IP address a criminal can be located in minutes.

It’s nowhere near that easy.

Publicly available information about an IP address will tell you which ISP is providing that address, and not much else. Some additional information may be available that indicates the general area that an IP address might reside, but that can be as general as telling you only what country it’s in, or perhaps what city but rarely, if ever, anything more specific. Services that claim to be able to pinpoint the location of a specific IP address using only publicly available information are misleading at best.

The ISP holds the key. The ISP that “owns” the IP address that is assigned to your computer also knows where you live. It’s there that they send your bill or hook up the wires. If you’re on dial-up, then in conjunction with the telephone company they know which phone line you’re using to dial in, and once again the phone company knows where that line terminates.

Most ISPs adhere to a strict privacy policy that prevents them from disclosing that information to just anyone. That’s why on your own you may be able to identify the ISP involved and nothing more.

You’ll need help.

This is where the legal system enters into the picture. Police and the courts can, with appropriate cause, request or even demand that the information be provided. Most typically that implies that the law enforcement professionals go to a judge, provide evidence that there is reasonable cause to believe a crime as been committed, at which point the judge issues a court order compelling the ISP to release the information.

If there’s nothing to suggest that a crime has been committed then in theory even law enforcement cannot get the information.

This puts those who are perhaps being victimized by cyberbullying and other online harassment at a disadvantage. It means that as long as the the activity stays “legal”, then there’s little that can be done to trace the offender. Fortunately many locations are putting into place laws that more directly address these situations and which law enforcement can use to trace the offenders.

While it’s certainly important that IP based location information be available when needed, your privacy is also an important concern. Since your computer’s IP address is easily available whenever you use the internet you don’t want someone to randomly locate you by using it.

ISPs and service providers are important gatekeepers of that privacy.

The truth is that yes, an IP address does in fact uniquely identify a computer connection to the internet, and that information can be used to determine a physical location. However the myth is that it’s easy, and it’s not. Important privacy practices prevent that level of detail from being available to the general public; ISPs, service providers and typically law enforcement must be involved.

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What Would an Invasion of North Korea Achieve?

The world awaits a solution to the stand-off over the nuclear missile threat posed by the president of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. His chief opponent is Donald Trump, the newly elected president of the USA. Over the time since his ascension to the top job the North Korean has put the Americans on notice that he will build an inter-continental-ballistic-missile capable of reaching America. It appears that he has achieved that goal.

The question is what will Trump do about it? The crisis has escalated over the last few days because of the anti-American rhetoric and provocation by his foe who is taunting him into making a move by his actions.

The next question is what will the other nations within range also do? The latest test proves that Kim has a capability of reaching as far as Australia and all the nations in a circle of that distance around him. Those most nervous include Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and even India.

Globally there is a nervousness that will never subside until something major happens. For some 67 years the threat of retaliation by the North against the South and its allies has existed. On 25th June, 1950, an army of 75,000 poured across the 38th parallel and within a week had control of Seoul.

The trigger for the invasion happened, apparently, at the end of World War II when the allies were given control over the peninsula after 35 years of Japanese occupation. It happened that the Soviet Union and the USA were given joint partnership of its administration.

The Communist regime of the USSR fostered the rise of Kim il-Sun in the north to head a communist government. The USA supported Syngman Rhee and a provisional government in the south. The result was catastrophic as the two opposites and their hostile armies faced each other across the 38th parallel.

It was also going to lead to the war and the inclusion of 21 nations who rose to the defence of South Korea. They provided military equipment, armies, and all the necessary side-lines to the defence of South Korea.

By November the Chinese had entered the war on the side of North Korea and therein lies a different tale to what the West expects today. Both China and North Korea have communist led philosophies of rule. It is hard to imagine that one will side against the other. Putin, on the other hand, who inherited the greatly diminished Soviet Union, is openly favouring the dictators who are opposing the USA and the West.

Given Russia’s support of North Korea in the past and the connection between the leaders, Putin and Xi Jinping, one must wonder if the old war is about to begin again. The Chinese President has made frequent trips to Russia and vice-versa in recent months. The last just a few days ago.

Something is cooking and something big will result. What that will be is anyone’s guess but Russia is expanding its forces into the Pacific region. One of its war-ships was spotted off the Australian Coast a couple of weeks ago, although in International waters.

China has made huge inroads into Australia over the last few years and even has a lease on the Port of Darwin. Its people have bought up land and homes here and its investment is a worry for many Australians who see it as a threat to our security. We are not safe and no matter whether the USA invades the North Korean region or not there is something going on that the world holds its breath to discover what it is.

An invasion of that type would be ugly, devastating, and lead directly to a major war between the most powerful nations. The question is are we prepared for it as there may be no winners and nothing good achieved?

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Parenting In A Digital Age

In this digital age, parents play an important role in their children’s behavior. Modeling kindness and good manners online will teach children values. Limit your own media usage and always be available for your children. Hugging and playing with them is more productive compared to simply staring at a screen.

Children learn best through face-to-face communication. Instead of communicating through texting, try to have time for your kids. Quality time spent with your kids help them develop a positive self-concept, trust, and self-confidence. This encourages more family time, healthier eating habits, and better sleep which are critical for children’s health and wellness.

Never use technology as an emotional stabilizer. Media can be very effective in calming kids but children need to be taught how to identify and handle strong emotions such as managing boredom through reading and writing, talking about ways to solve the problem, and finding other approaches for channeling emotions.

Online relationships are part of a typical adolescent development. However, be sure that your kids are behaving appropriately both on the real and online worlds. Always remind them that a platform’s privacy settings do not make things actually private and that images, thoughts, and behaviors shared online will instantly become a part of their digital footprint indefinitely.

Even if they are concerned about the privacy of their personal information online but their identities can be stolen through their use of social media. As a parent, be empathic. Try to handle errors with empathy and turn a mistake into a learning experience and keep your lines open and let them know you’re there if they have questions or concerns.

Most kids complain boredom when we suggest that they turn off their screens. Try to encourage your kids to share their objections when they engage with the 3D world, and then listen without scolding. It’s very important to hear their opinions and then offer a solution that will benefit you both.

Undeniably, these media devices foster social connectivity not only among kids but also among us. We stay connected with our loved ones, stay up to date with the news, and work out our hectic schedules with a few clicks. Everything is just within reach because of the advent of information and communication technology.

Although media and technology are integral in this digital divide, time with family and friends still plays a more important role in promoting children’s learning and healthy development.

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What’s More Important For An Elected Official: Winning Or Serving Needs?

Just as the best quality, professional negotiators realize, the best results come from win – win negotiating, we need to elect public officials, who focus less on what they might consider, winning, and much more on serving the needs, goals, priorities, of constituents, in a relevant, sustainable way! Beware of any candidate, or so – called public servant who emphasizes, what he perceives as winning, Rather, this world and our society, are constantly, best – served, when one thinks more about what’s needed, and the best approach, and less on personal victory! Why does one seek immediate gratification, or short – term, perceived victory, are in the best interest of society? Wouldn’t you prefer a leader, who determines his strategic and action plan, based on achieving what needs getting done?

It all depends on one’s definition or perception of what winning is, and means. The real issue is whether someone is a winner or a loser. A true winner sees obstacles, creating challenges, while a loser considers many things, as problems, and let’s things control him, rather than vice versa.

Genuinely, meaningful, effective, timely leadership, is never about the perception of winning, but, rather, about quality accomplishments, and actual, action! An elected official risks dangerous, reckless, ill – conceived action, when the idea of h win, is more important than doing the right thing, even when it may not be expedient.

It’s far less important for someone to get his way, regardless of risk, or cost, than to proceed, n the best possible manner, to get results, which have he best make a change, for the better Bragging, bravado, and patting oneself on the back, are not the qualities, which are most desirable, in someone, supposed, serving constituents.

Fighting the “good fight,” but without the willingness to consider alternatives, and strive for a meeting of the minds, is often, the worst case scenario. Be a winner, but stop focusing on, merely, winning!

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Frequently Asked Questions About House Arrest

House arrest is a court-ordered, officer-supervised penalty that is sentenced to certain offenders in lieu of jail time. When sentenced to such penalty, a person must remain within the set boundaries of their home at all times, but may be given limited travel privileges for work, school, or doctor’s appointments. Both adults and minors can be sentenced to house arrest, and they are all put on temporary probation during the duration of the sentence. Probation can include routine meetings with a probation officer, random drug screenings, community service, therapy, counseling, victim impact panels, educational drug courses, and more.

Although the name seems pretty clear, there is much more to a house arrest sentence than just home confinement. If you or someone you love is facing house arrest, it is helpful to get some answers to some common questions in order to put your mind at ease and clear up any confusion you had about the terms and conditions of house arrest. Continue reading to review the most frequently asked questions about home confinement to do just that!

What are the General Rules of House Arrest?

Every person’s case is different, and subject to varying regulations. However, the general rules of house arrest include no drugs or alcohol in the residence, no drug or alcohol consumption, a probation officer can come by the home at any time to check for drugs or alcohol or to perform a random drug test, adherence to a set curfew, and all orders of probation (i.e. community service, rehabilitation, etc.).

How are You Monitored?

A person on house arrest wears an electronic sensoring device on their ankle at all times. This device is coupled with another that is connected to a person’s home phone. The device will record the dates and times of all traveling within and outside of the set boundaries. If any of these records show that a person traveled outside of their boundaries during a time that was not permitted, the probation officer is notified and the person is violated. Tampering with the device will also be recorded and considered a violation.

What Happens if You Violate its Terms?

If someone breaks any of the rules of their sentence, they are subject to being ordered to a probation violation hearing in court. This means you not only face the previous charges, but now face additional ones as well. Sometimes, a probation officer will give a warning the first time, but it is important to understand that the terms are taken very seriously and one minor infraction will be penalized.

Do You Need a Lawyer if You Violate?

In most cases, yes. The penalties for such violations are taken very seriously, and the penalties a person faces for them are very harsh as well. Your criminal defense lawyer already knows your case and will defend you once again to minimize the penalties you face for violating. They are your only hope at avoiding the maximum charges for a violation.

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Why Are White Oak Kitchen Cabinets So Popular?

There are a lot of variations to white oak. Most white oak is really more of a light brown than a white, with antique white oak being an exception. Most very light brown oaks are considered white.

Now, why are these colors so popular among homeowners, interior designers, and kitchen designers?

For one, it’s a neutral color. Neutral colors are very “in” right now in contemporary design because they help to bring out the subtleties of furnishings and textures.

Often times the textural components of a space can get lost in the fray. Interior designers’ education teaches that a neutral backdrop creates a welcoming interior when mixed with warm textures such as rough wooden elements, shiny tiles, nubby linens, and brushed velvet.

For instance, if the walls of a room are painted in a bright red, then the bold color will take prevalence, making any textural elements disappear into the backdrop. This can make a room feel unwelcoming by omitting a layered, textural design.

Neutral colors don’t overwhelm the senses. Most people consider this to be the greatest feature of neutral colors, you will seldom become weary of them. Have you ever painted a room in a bright, bold color? If so, did it take long before your grew tired of it? More often than not the answer to this question is no. Because it’s so overwhelming to our senses. It’s usually better to have the bright things be subtle, because then they pop more and as a result their effectiveness is increased. With neutral cabinets such as white oak, your personal tastes can come to the forefront, allowing you to show off your brightly colored appliances, or vibrant countertops.

Neutral can be applied in almost any circumstance.

We have already gone over why neutral is best for contemporary kitchens and interiors, but a wonderful thing about neutral colors is simply that they work with any style.

In addition to the color scheme, white oak cabinets are popular because they’re natural and have a pleasant texture. One goal of contemporary designers is to make things feel natural. For some reason natural settings seem to bring us peace. Perhaps it’s due to our roots as a society, perhaps we crave a taste of what once was.

Yet another reason white oak is popular is durability. Oak is a strong wood with a lot of structural integrity. Most high end cabinets are built with the intention of being able to withstand being disassembled and moved from one home to another. After all, if you’re going to spend a lot on quality cabinets its understandable that you may want to bring them with you upon moving.

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101 Bail Bonds – Stop Means Stop

Collect Bail Bond calls come from the jails at all times of day and night, but mostly in the middle of the night. So, off I go to talk to the person who has been taken into custody and do the necessary paperwork to get them released.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase; one thing leads to another. In the bail business, it’s a common theme and here are three examples, although I could write about dozens. I’ll keep it simple.

The common scenario is that the person arrested was pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at a red signal before turning, or performing a rolling stop. A rolling stop, or what some call; a California stop, is the driver slowing down and then proceeding. In other words, running the stop sign.

The problem erupts when they’re pulled over. Rolling down the window, the officer gets a whiff of alcohol from the driver. What follows is a sobriety test, a search of the vehicle, and if there are other occupants, license verification and determination if the passengers have been consuming alcohol. The driver should have come to a complete stop.

This story pops in my head as I write this. In the late 80s, I was out at a restaurant/bar with two friends. We left and was pulled over for erratic lane changing. I was not the driver. I was a passenger. One officer put the driver in the police car and drove off. The other officer asked if we had been drinking and we both said, “yes, we had consumed alcohol beverages at the restaurant/bar.” The result was the passenger officer driving our friend’s car and driving us to the police station. We got out when we arrived and thought that we could drive our friend’s car and go home. Not so. The officer had us get out, he locked the car and said, “good night.” I said, “How are we to get home?” His reply, “You both are big boys, you’ll figure it out.” It was a long walk.

Another sad ending is when the driver gets pulled over and drugs are found. To add to this example, you need to learn this little twist. The owner of the car was too intoxicated to drive. So, a friend said that he would drive. Keep in mind that this was not his car, he was just doing his friend a favor by driving. Well, the substitute driver rolls a stop sign, in a hurry to get home and end the evening. The lights flash, the driver pulls over, and the officer does an inspection. Bingo! Illegal drugs in the trunk. The driver was arrested. Yes, it wasn’t his car, but since he was driving the responsibility for its contents were on his shoulders. Think twice about volunteering to drive a friend’s car.

This example is a reality check about what an officer’s perception can be. We know the set up. The officer wants to inspect the car and says, “Pop the trunk.” Surprise! In the trunk, the locked trunk, is a baseball bat. However, there is no baseball glove, no baseballs, no ball cap, no bases, nothing else baseball related. Busted for having a concealed weapon. A footnote to this example would be those miniature baseball bats that you buy as a souvenir with your favorite team’s logo on it. If it’s late at night, chances are good that you are not on your way home from a ballgame. Be careful.

The sign is red and it says, “STOP!” Do just that, stop. Your friends may not think it is cool, but getting pulled over and getting arrested is even less cool.

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Dietary Treatment For Eczema, Itchy And Dry Skin

Also referred to as atopic dermatitis, eczema is normally an inflammatory reaction of the skin which can be a serious source of discomfort in infants and even adults. While DNA has been implicated in many cases of eczema, other contributing factors include sweating, poor hygiene, stress and contact with chemicals and plants. Eczema development has also been associated with some food allergies such as eggs, milk from cow, soy products, gluten containing foods, nuts etc. Although these foods may not be directly linked to eczema development, they may, however, trigger a flare up and worsen the condition. Maintaining an eczema free skin is usually achieved with proper skin care and improved nutrition. Below are tips to maintain a healthy skin while preventing eczema and itchy skin development:

1. Fish consumption

Foods high in anti-inflammatory activity go a long way in curbing eczema development and one of those is fatty fish such as herring and salmon. Omega-3-fatty acids, with appreciable contents in fish oil, have been widely touted a good remedy and thus consuming these fatty fish will come in handy in remedying the unsightly eczema conditions of a dry and itchy skin.

2. Take more Quercetin containing foods

A plant derived flavonoid, Quercetin is a strong antioxidant and also possesses anti-histamine activities, thus able to deter progress of inflammatory conditions synonymous with eczema in the body. Consuming Quercetin containing foods such as spinach, apples, blueberries, cherries, kale and broccoli is thus vital in preventing a dry and itchy skin of eczema.

3. Probiotics also help

Yoghurts and similar probiotic foods contain live microorganisms that help in boosting immunocompetence, a feature which has been related to inhibit allergic reactions and inflammations that could consequently cause eczema. Other probiotic foods are kefir, naturally fermented pickles, soft cheeses and sourdough bread.

4. Avoid preservatives as much as possible

Foods containing high amounts of preservatives, trans fats and other chemicals should be avoided as they could deteriorate symptoms and facilitate dry, itchy skins. These include fast foods, margarine and processed foods of all kinds.

5. Sugars

Insulin levels are heightened with more sugar and this triggers inflammation afterwards, thus, these food products which include burgers, cakes, coffee drinks and sodas are better absconded.

6. Anti-inflammatory foods

Since eczema is inflammation facilitated, substituting your diet for anti-inflammatory foods is thus a necessity for persistent eczema sufferers. The emphasis here is on foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, omega-3-rich fish and healthy fats like olive oil.

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Message From the Universe: It Will Never Be Easy

“Almost no one ever says it will be easy.

Actually, most say it will be hard. Really, really hard.

What do you tell yourself, day after day?

Hubba, hubba –

The Universe”

If it was easy, everybody would do it. If entrepreneurship didn’t have its moment of frustration, disappointment, failure, desperation, etc… , we would have 7.1 billion people starting businesses without finding ANY employees because everyone would be entrepreneurs. That would definitely be very interesting to see and experience. But thanks to people who are reluctant to taking any risk in life, they become employees to those who live to risk it all. That is why we have just a very tiny minority of the population who are willing to sacrifice everything without knowing if they would ever succeed, and will probably end up losing everything. However, they thrive on living without having any clue of what may happen in a year from now. These type of people are the one employing the other 97% of the population who are afraid. Life is NOT easy, and it may never be easy even for those who are employed with a steady job and steady life. The reality is that many are stuck in a job and are very unhappy, but are not willing to take a step out of their comfort zone to try living a life that may be risky but will render better results than sticking with the stable life they think they live in.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and as the famous Jim Carrey says: “If there is a risk in living a life you don’t love, might as well take a risk with the things you love doing.” Means that if you decide to work for someone providing you a steady job and salary but you hate it with passion, that job is not guaranteed either way. He can fire you anytime or close shop as well and you find yourself on the streets with nothing. So might as well take the risk on the things you love doing and have full control over. Even if you fail, they wouldn’t be any regret on your part for trying to do the things you were meant to do. So what will you tell yourself everyday? Is life easy or hard, or really really hard? Depending on your answer, you need to decide what you will do to make changes and start living the life you always wanted to live. The rest is really up to you. Keep faith that everything will work out, take actions when you want to do something and believe that it will happen. The Universe will take care of the rest.

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History of the Bread Maker

The history of bread making goes back as far as 30,000 years ago. But it was not until 20,000 years thereafter that it became a staple food. It won’t be a surprise that the history of the modern automatic bread machines does not go as far. In the ancient days, kneading of the dough was obviously done by hand and for backing charcoal or wood heated ovens were used. This continued for thousands of years.

It was not until 1849 when the first automatic bread machine was invented. It all started when black American inventor Joseph Lee invented the bread crumbler. During those days, bread could only be kept for 1 day. At the end of the day, all leftovers had to be thrown away. Lee found this a waste of food and with the culinary background he had, he knew that its crumbs could very useful in the preparation of food. He invented the bread crumbler. On 4th June 1895 he successfully patented the machine. Eventually he sold the patent to Royal Worcester Bread Crumb Company of Boston and soon many restaurants around the world owned one of Joseph’s bread crumblers! His next invention was the bread machine; this machine mainly took care of the kneading of the dough. Lee’s invention increased productivity by 500 percent; one person could now do the same amount of work that previously was done by five to six persons. For those who are interested; Jerome T Peoples has authored a book about Lee, it’s worth checking out; Lee’s Bread Machines: The father of automated bread making.

It wasn’t until 1986 that Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (now Panasonic) invented the first model of the full automatic bread machines that we know today. The latest machines combine the kneading, the rising and the backing in one machine without the necessity for human intervention. It still took up to 10 years for Panasonic invention to gain popularity in USA, Australia and UK. Since the first Panasonic bread machine we have seen a huge increase in functionality. The Best Bread Maker has preprogrammed Bread Making cycles for all different sorts of Bread, e.g. Whole Wheat, White Bread, Sourdough, kneading pizza dough, etc. Many different bands have also ventured into the automated bread making business; Oster bread machine, West Bend bread maker and Breville bread maker. But up until now Panasonic remains the number one best bread maker producer.

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