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Homeschool Astronomy – How to Tell Time By the Stars

Let’s practice this during the daytime so it makes sense before you try to impress your friends. Get out a pencil and a sheet of paper.

First, you’ll need to find Polaris. Draw a dot in the middle of your paper. Instant star.

Draw a BIG circle around the dot. Now imagine the mirror-image of your kitchen clock imposed over Polaris in that circle. This means 1 is where the 11 usually is, and the 3 is where the 9 normally goes. Draw all twelve digits inside that circle around Polaris.

Now imagine you are looking up at the dark night sky. Imagine yourself finding Polaris. Stare at it. Draw an imaginary line out through Dubhe and Merak (the pointer stars in the Big Dipper that lead you to Polaris). This straight line is the hour hand of the clock (there is no minute hand). This hour hand makes a complete circle around the North Star every 24 hours.

At midnight on March 1, the hour hand points directly to midnight (straight up). When this hour hand moves, it moves counterclockwise. And every 5-minute mark on regular clocks (this is the 1, the 2, the 3, the 6 at the bottom…) represent two hours. So if the hour hand points straight to the 3, (normally the 9 position on your kitchen clock), then it is 6 hours past midnight on March 1. Got that so far? Good. Let’s make it harder.

Subtract 2 hours for every month past March 1. For example, if it is May 1, subtract 4 hours. (Add one hour for daylight savings time.)

Let’s try an example. Imagine it is June 1. Imagine the star-clock is one forth the way past the 1 on your mirrored-kitchen-clock paper diagram. It currently reads 2:30 am (remember it is two hours between the 1 and 2 on the clock). Now subtract 2 hours for each month past March 1. Since it’s June 1, subtract 6 hours. Add one hour for daylight savings time, and you now get 9:30 pm. Cool!

With practice, you will eventually be able to tell the time by the stars in a matter of seconds (trust me). And you’ll no longer wonder “What time IS it?” and be scolded by fellow astronomers as you pull out a flashlight to glance at your watch (albeit red). And it is a nifty ooooh-ahhhh trick with kids-at-heart everywhere.

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Are Infections Really That Bad? Should I Be Worried?

I say, deal with infection when you get it.

And deal with it smartly, and correctly.

Infection prevention is better than cure, yet do not be excessively preventive, especially during TSW.

I've seen so many TSW sufferers justify their use of antibacterial / anti-infection products and apply them liberally for "fear of infection", even when they do not have any infection. They use plenty of nice stuff like virgin coconut oil, tree tree oil, apple-cider-vinegar, anti-fungals, anti-microbials just because they are afraid they get infected.

These might be good preventive actions, IF AND ONLY IF, your skin is perfect – they function normally, they have the right diffusivity and permeability, they allow the right things to pass through and stop the bad things from going through.

When you have TSW skin – your skin is porous, leaky and highly sensitive, your blood tissues are dilated, you lose water easily, your blood plasma is exposed externally – do you think that by excessively being preventable, you are actually exposing your skin, Blood and internal biochemistry to potentially more variables, some of them could be more harmful than helpful?

So much for prevention, when we only think one-dimensionally on the benefits or properties of the product, instead of thinking how the product actually interfaces and interfaces with us. When companies sell us stuff, they tell us how good their stuff is. They never tell you exactly how the stuff works with your bodies.

So my opinion is to stay off the prevention track, and start observing keenly.

In my personal experience, despite the abundance of open, wet, raw, soft wounds, there were rare instances when my skin was badly infected. I do not see huge areas of pus and infection, or areas to suggest that I was thoroughly infected.

So if I do not see it or feel it, I do not worry about it. When I do not worry about it, there is one less thing on my plate. I rely on less products. I reduce the potential number of variables that might make my skin turn bad (Although there may also be variables that make my skin turn better, I'd rather choose the opposite of not turning bad, as those variables that make my skin better are only Transient and will require my dependence on the product that produces those variables, ie moisturizers / SKII for the ladies). When I eliminate variables, I can better pin-point what actually makes my skin turn bad. And when I can better identify these factors, I can avoid them. And the more I avoid them, the less bad skin gets, and more time is given for the skin to heal.

So what happens when I do get infected?

About 3 weeks back, I got a small 3 x 3 cm spot on my calf filled with small pus at the root of my leg hairs. It's probably folliculitis and I probably got infected somewhere somehow.

If I had been overtly reactive and afraid, I would have quickly searched around for answers, and would probably receive all kinds of nice advice of using what type of medicine, creams, natural cures, and even possibly some oral antibiotics to treat the small spot Of infection.

But I did not, because it was just a small infected spot. It was not life-threatening. It was slighty irritating and abit scary to look at (spots of pus on your leg? WEIRD). But the key factor was that – it was not life-threatening.

I decided to let the infection sit for a few days and just observed.

Nothing happened actually. The infection did not spread, and started to go away by itself over the week.

My body did most of the work in getting rid of the localized infection. By the time you see pus, you should know that your body has already done plenty of work in the creation of the pus, which is infact a process of isolation of foreign toxins / bacteria, which causes them from doing more harm systemically.

So this heuristic – letting the body do its work if its not life-threatening – worked in my favor.

Things that worry me are body-wide systemic infection / inflammation. Cases that could be life-threatening – increased body-wide temperature, uncontrollable fever, even hives, chicken pox or any sudden body wide rashes.

Body-wide = real bad. Localised = wait and see if it gets worse. Do seek a second opinion if you face systemic infection or infection. Intuitively, your body should tell you whether an issue is manageable or not. If you do not trust your guts, always seek a doctor's opinion.

In our daily life, we often do things without thinking why we do them. We do them out of traditions, fear, habits, routine, peer pressure etc. Many of them do not have a strong logical and empirical basis and many people live with philosophies that are detrimental for their lives. And many of them do not recognize this, as their very basic permissions limit their way of thinking.

Start by having doubts, and then by using your senses to empirically confirm or deny your doubts.

Stop being overly medicated. If there is not a need to (non-life threatening) use medication, do not.

Deal with infection only when you get them. Deal with them correctly, and you will be improving your natural immune system. Deal with them incorrectly, and you do the reverse.

That is very similar to how we manage eczema with topical steroids too.

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Home Loans in the UK

Owning a home is the most important dream of any person. It is one of the basic necessities of life as stated by Maslow in his 'Theory of Hierarchy of Needs'. People generally desire to have a home which not only gives them shelter, but also should be the expression of their artistic tastes, and an object of pride. Owning a home is a matter of spending of life's savings. For some- related to the high e-learning group, it is not a problem; But for others arranging financing for their dream home is a very critical decision, they ever take in their life. To enable people to realize there dream, financial institutions and banks offer home loans to people.

Home loans play a very important role in the lives of UK nationals. Every year there are borrowings worth billions of pounds by the UK nationals for home loans. Now days, home loans have become a necessary part of life as it is not essential that one has the necessary amount of money to finance his immediate requirement for purchasing home. One can avail home loans, after signing a document with a financial institution on a specified amount of money to go with the purchase with that borrowed money. Lenders and financial institutions keep the house or any other residential property as collateral. In the UK, home loans are offered by innumerable financial institutions at various APR. The amount of loan approved usually depends on the income and assets of the borrower and his capacity to pay back the loan.

In the UK, home loans offered are of two types:

Fixed rate home loan

Variable rate home loan

Fixed rate home loans are offered to borrowers at a prefixed rate of interest for a specified time period. In case of upward fluctuations in interest rates in the market, customers enjoy the benefit of not paying any extra sum money on the increased rate of interest. Variable rate home loans, on the other hand are left to the mercy of lenders and government regulations. In case of upward trend, the borrowers have to tighten their budget.

With the ever increasing competition in the market, more and more financial institutions are offering home loans at lower APR along with customer oriented services. All companies claim to be the leading loan and other financial services provider with the best service. In order to tap the growing market companies and lending institutions are coming up with more innovative products to cater to the requirements of all the customers. With the advent of internet, the services offered have become more fast and efficient. Now one can compare the best rate offered in the market at the click of the mouse.

The complications in home owner loans fall when borrower defaults in the payment of the monthly installment. In many cases, it has been seen that lenders start charging more interest rate than the standard rate. Wise borrowers, in such situation, switch over to a new lender for better rate of interest and fee waivers. This is termed as remortgage. Remortgage is a very prudent way of avoiding heavy interest rate. There are innumerable agencies which suggest better remortgage options to the borrowers.

Moreover, with gradual shift from the sellers 'market to the buyers' market, the ultimate beneficiary is the customer. Companies even offer value added services to the borrowers to evolve brand loyalty. Companies are even leveraging strength from modern management practices and corporate governance. In the long run, company which offers the best financial solution with the right set of marketing mix will win the race.

For Detail email with the subject "Inquiry".

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Easy Tips and Tricks To Help Your Dog Gain Weight

An underweight dog is more prone to health issues. If you notice that your dog is becoming thinner or you think he is underweight, the best thing to do is “fatten” him up – make sure that he is eating right and that he gains some pounds until he reaches the ideal and healthy weight. Weight loss in canines are usually caused by diarrhea, poor appetite and health problems. If you’re uncertain, it’s best to seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Here are a few easy tricks to help your dog gain weight:

Check your dog’s weight

Sometimes a dog may look thin but he actually has the ideal weight for his breed. It’s best to check your pet’s actual weight and compare it with his breed’s ideal weight. It’s also important to learn his breed’s daily dietary needs to keep him healthy.

Find out the cause

Finding out what causes your pet’s weight loss or being underweight will help you find a solution easier. It could be as simple as another dog stealing your pet’s food (if you live with multiple dogs) or as serious as a stomach problem. Observe his eating habits if he’s getting enough food, if he has any appetite or if he’s experiencing diarrhea. If his condition seems to be unexplained, it’s time to go to the vet.

Change the feeding schedule

If you’ve ever tried to shed off a few pounds, you’ll know that eating shortly before bed time will cause your body to store the food as fat. You can use this concept to help your skinny pet gain a few pounds. If you feed him twice a day, consider giving him a smaller portion during the day and a bigger one at night so that the calories will be stored in his body as fat while he sleeps instead of being burned as energy.

Introduce new food

Introduce good quality dog food with higher fat and protein content to your dog’s diet. This will help him gradually gain some pounds over time. Mix it with other food for more nutrients. Just introduce the new food with care as a new diet usually causes an upset stomach in canines in the beginning.


When we hear the word “exercise”, we automatically think it’s for weight loss. But a bulk of a canine’s weight should be muscles and not fat and a good way to maintain strong and healthy muscles is through a good diet and a good daily amount of physical activity.

Try these simple tricks and your dog should fill out in no time!

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Targeted Article Marketing – Announcing 5 Creative Steps to Increase Your Article Marketing

One of the best ways to grow your ebusiness is to know how to attract online users to your website so you can boost your online traffic along with your sales potential. Today, there is no other better way to pull your potential clients to visit your site than giving them quality information that will match their needs and demands. This can easily be done by writing and distributing your article online.

Here are the 5 creative steps to increase your article marketing:

1. Optimize your articles. The first step that you need to take in order to connect with your potential clients is to make your copies highly searchable online. They must match relevant searches made by your target audience so your copies will show up on search page result. This can easily be done by optimizing your content or inserting relevant keywords on your copies.

2. Observe appropriate keyword density. Use just the right amount of keywords in your copies so you can still make them reader-friendly. Both search engines and article submission sites recommend a maximum of 3% keyword density. That means, if you are writing a 500-word article, you can use your main keywords up to 15 times in your content. You can spread your keywords on your title and on every paragraph of your article.

3. Link your articles. If you are posting your articles on your blog and website, you can insert hyperlinks by using anchor text that will take your readers to your other relevant copies to promote further reading. By doing this, you can increase the exposure of your articles and offer much more information to your readers.

4. Create an author's bio. Most leading article submission sites like EzineArticles and goarticles dot com, allow their contributors to create their own author's bio that can help in building rapport with online users. Take advantage of this and communicate your hobbies, expertise, interest, and the reasons why you are publishing your articles. This will make your readers see the other side of you so they can easily connect with you.

5. Write more. If you would like to increase your page views by 100,000 this month, you should be willing to increase the number of your articles so you can boost the number of your inbound links and better connect with your potential clients.

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Simple Cruise Tips for Seniors

Cruise travel is a popular form of vacation travel among seniors. Each year, over 70% of cruises are enjoyed by people who are over age 55. Here are some practical suggestions that can help seniors make the most of their cruise travel.

Start with a short cruise

If you are new to cruise travel, “test the waters” by choosing a short 3-4 day cruise to see if you like the experience or not. Be flexible with your travel dates to receive a good discount.

Research in advance

Look over various shore excursions to see which ones are interesting and book them ahead of time so you will not miss out.

Seek senior discounts

Almost all cruises offer various types of discounts to cruise travelers. For example, there are often special drink packages. It may be a good idea to buy a soft drink package if you are traveling with grandchildren.

Pick a smaller ship

Though small ships offer fewer dining and entertainment options, they are less crowded and many offer excursions that focus on the history and culture of a region. A small ship often visits more remote ports that big ships normally cannot.

Purchase insurance

Most cruise lines will not allow you to cancel close to your departure date. If you are booking a long cruise that costs thousands of dollars, it is a good idea to purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Use a packing checklist

A packing checklist will ensure you bring everything you need. You can simply Google online to find many cruise packing checklists.

Arrive at the departure port a day ahead of time

Plan your trip well to avoid booking a flight to arrive on the same date that your ship departs. You will be in trouble if the flight gets delayed for some reason. So plan to arrive a day earlier to avoid rushes and unexpected delays.

Watch for your phone usage

Put your phone in airplane mode to avoid being charged unnecessary roaming fees. Using the ship marine satellite service can be very expensive and you will receive some surprise bills, so limit yourself unless you can use land cellular signals.

Avoid overscheduling

Limit your onboard activities and excursions. Do not exhaust yourself by planning too many activities and shore excursions, premium dining experiences, and so forth. Cruises are supposed to be relaxing and fun so be selective in scheduling your days.

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4 Awesome Tips For A Household With Multiple Dogs

Taking care of a single dog can be quite overwhelming at times, let alone living with multiple pets. While the phrase “the more, the merrier” does apply when it comes to having pets, there are times that the situation becomes a handful. Whether your household is full of pets temporarily or permanently, the key is patience. Without it, you will be easily overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility in front of you and you won’t be able to take care of your pets properly.

Hee are 4 simple yet effective tips you can try if you have multiple dogs in your household:

Be the leader of their pack

Dogs see their owners as the leader of their pack, one that they love and respect, that’s why it’s important that your leadership is established. Make it known that you’re the one who holds all the resources – food, treats, toys and even attention. Rewarding one pet’s good behavior with quality time or treats will help influence others to behave more. Ignoring bad behavior like barking or peeing in the house lets them know that their leader disapproves of those behaviors.

Provide each pet with their own “comfort zone” in your house

As much as dogs love to play with each other, there are times that they want to play, rest or sleep comfortably alone. That’s why each dog must have their own space at home, ideally with the least distractions. Provide each with their own bowl of food and water, a good sleeping blanket and some toys. Having their own space encourages good mood, thus less fighting among the pets.

Keep them busy

When you have plenty of dogs with a lot of energy and nothing to do, that’s when trouble starts. Provide them with activities to do, games to play or spend quality time with them as much as you can. This not only kills their boredom but also stimulates them mentally and physically! Best of all, it allows them to work together as a team!

Spend time with each of your dogs

Let each of your pooches know that you love them all equally. Never show that you favor one more than the other as this may start some trouble. Spend time and give attention to each as much as you can – this will assure them that they are all part of a family.

To create and achieve a more peaceful household full of dogs, try these tips and tricks!

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Benefits of Booklet Brochure Printing

Booklet brochure printing provides a number of benefits to help you boost your business and make a statement to your clients. When looking at all the promotional printing opportunities available through print shops, this type of printing can provide you with numerous advantages to take full advantage of.

One of the biggest benefits that booklet brochure printing offers is the number of pages you can take advantage of. Unlike a basic brochure, you can choose between eight and forty eight pages in various sizes to meet your goals and objectives. It makes this print solution ideal if you want to provide your customers with a brochure brimming with new or on sale products, enabling them to go through the booklet to find what they are looking for and take advantage of the offers you are promoting.

Another advantage to this print solution is that it enables you to create something completely unique to hand to your customers. You can choose one or two pages to promote your company and the products and services you offer and then go on to list the products, complete with high quality graphics, enabling you to make a statement and ensure your customers are aware of your brand, products and more.

If you’re looking to portray a professional image then this print solution is the one for you. Unlike basic printing, the booklet brochure printing options ensure the highest quality and give you a good quality item you can proudly hand to your clients. Image is everything, image is at the top of the list with service and quality. So if you’re looking for a way to make a positive impact on your clients and get them to see you as a professional company, then you need to think outside of the box in terms of your marketing materials.

In addition to all the benefits that booklet brochure printing provides, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price. These are affordable marketing solutions which can give you a great return on your investment. The printing isn’t expensive, most print shops will provide you with digital and offset print solutions, helping you keep the cost to the minimum and helping you stay within your marketing budget each and every month.

You will also find that booklet brochure printing gives you the ability to make a great first impression on prospective clients. When you meet a client for the first time or whether you’re just doing general knock and drop marketing, handing one of these printed materials can ooze professionalism and make a fantastic first impression that is remembered. You want your clients to remember you when they next need a product or service you provide, creating that good first impression can go a long way in the future.

You can make quite a statement when you hand your clients a product that they can hold onto and that provides them with valuable and relevant information about your company and the products you supply. Chances are when clients are given such a high quality product, they will not throw it away. These are the types of items that end up in the draw until needed or on the desk until an order needs to be placed.

The final benefit of booklet brochure printing is that it provides you with a high quality and tangible item you can hand to your clients. These are items you can carry with you and hand out at events, conferences or just in the street and that can boost your visibility and increase your market share.

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Creating Your Lead Magnet

First we’re going to choose a specific market segment to target.

Then we’re going to craft your ‘promise.’

Next we’ll write the title and decide on the format.

And finally, we’re going to actually create your lead magnet.

Choosing Your Specific Market Segment

The biggest mistake I see people making is trying to be all things to all people in their lead magnet.

Let’s take the Internet Marketing niche as an example.

New marketers will write a lead magnet such as, “How to Make Tons of Money in Online Marketing.”

Evidently they are trying to target ALL people of all experiences trying to make money in all arenas online.

That’s a wide audience.

Another one might be, “How to be a great parent.” Parent to who? Newborn babies? Toddlers? Grade school age children? Teenagers? Children with special needs? Adopted children? Foster children?

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: When you try to be all things to all people, you’re nothing to nobody.

The more you can niche down your market segment, the more successful you will be.

This isn’t to say you can only service one tight niche. You can work in several different segments; you’ll just need to create several different lead magnets – one for each segment.

For example, let’s say you’re in the dating market. You could create a lead magnet targeted to:

· Professional women in their late 20’s and 30’s looking for the perfect husband

· Recently divorced men who haven’t dated in over a decade

· Widows over 40 who are lonely but afraid to date again

· Men who want to play the field

· Women who want to date younger guys

· And so forth.

Each of these segments have different fears, desires, challenges, motivations and so forth.

You could easily come up with a 100 possibilities, but it’s up to you to choose the right segment to target with your lead magnet.

Think about the exact segment of your market you want to write your lead magnet for.

When you’ve decided, move on to the next step.

Crafting your promise

You’ve chosen a specific segment of your market in the previous step. Now it’s time to make them a promise.

The goal here is to enter the conversation already happening in your prospect’s mind.

Ask yourself what their concerns are. What are their fears? What do they want most of all?

What conversation are they likely already having, and how can you enter that conversation with a promise?

What value can you give them that will be irresistible to where they are in life right now?

The value in your lead magnet should be ultra-specific and easy to consume.

No mega-courses here. No 200 page books, either.

You want your prospect to consume your lead magnet immediately when they receive it. If you send them a 200 page book, they’ll almost certainly set it aside for later.

And later almost never comes.

How can you demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re an authority, if they never consume the lead magnet?

And another thing about writing entire 200 page books to use as lead magnets – what if you’re wrong? What if you pick the wrong niche to target, pick the wrong topic to talk about or pick the wrong promise to make?You’ve just wasted all that time when you could have found out much quicker with a short lead magnet.

Your goal is to create tremendous stand-alone value, but without getting complex or long.

Let’s do some examples from our dating niche:

· Professional women in their late 20’s and 30’s looking for the perfect husband – These women know what they want and they don’t have time to waste. You might promise to show them how to immediately filter out all the losers who will waste their time and find the hidden gems who will make excellent life partners.

· Recently divorced men who haven’t dated in over a decade- these guys have been out of circulation long enough that they’re forgotten how to successfully approach women. Plus they’re worried that things have changed, times have changes, dating has changed. So you might promise to show them 3 simple techniques to start a great conversation with any woman, regardless of how out of practice they might be.

· Widows over 40 who are lonely but afraid to date again-they’re feeling guilty about dating, dating seems scary to them, they don’t have a clue how to go about dating and they wonder if maybe they’re going to be alone for the rest of their lives. They need to take things very slow at first. So you might promise to show them how to find guys to be friends with first, and see if things progress from there.

You’ve already got your target audience, so now you’ll want to write down some ideas of the promises you can make.

Once you’ve got your list, pick one. If you’re afraid it might be the wrong one, or you’re procrastinating because you’re trying to get this perfect, them just pick one.

You can always change it later.

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Writing Articles – Get Your Web Articles Read

Want to make money writing articles? You can, if your articles are read. Unfortunately many Web articles evaporate faster than a drop of water on a gridle – discover how to ensure that you get the maximum impact from your writing.

1. Titles Get Read: Keyword Plus Benefit

Whether your articles are read or not depends entirely on the titles you choose.

There are two ways of creating titles: focusing on the search engine benefits, and focusing on viral potential. You'll use different strategies in different situations.

Most of your Web articles will be written for their long term search engine benefits – you want your articles to send traffic to your Web site (or the buyer of your articles that that) for many years to come.

If this is the case, you'll write with the search engines in mind. Use this formula: keyword, plus benefit. Viz: "Dog Training: Calm Your Snappy Pooch Fast". In this example, "dog training" is the keyword, while "calm your snappy pooch fast" is the benefit.

You may believe that your article can "go viral", and choose a creative title you believe will facilitate that. This is an excellent strategy, in which you forget about keywords, and just get as creative as possible, often using a reader's curiosity, or humor, to get your articles read.

Unfortunately the viral option can backfire, so be careful if you choose this option.

2. Outline First: Do not Waffle – Deliver on Your Promises

The second step in getting your articles read through to the end is simple: deliver an article worth reading.

Outline your article before you writing it. You've (usually) promised the reader a benefit in the title and first paragraph. Deliver on your promise. Remember that it's easy for the reader to hit his browser's Back button.

3. Link to Your Articles to Increase Traffic

Finally, remember that the Web is based on links. While you can do a great deal to ensure that your article is found (using the keyword in the title, and so on), the more links you can give an article the more traffic the article will get.

If you're writing articles for someone else, the linking strategy is not your concern. If you're writing articles for yourself however, do send a couple of links your articles' way – the more links, the more readers, and the larger the payoff for the time you invested in the article.

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