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Writing Poetry – How to Create a Poetry Blog

On Making A Poetry Blog

When it comes to creating a poetry blog, follow your heart and your ideas and message will always shine through. Our readers will always find value in the truth we write about. So in order to draw them in, do your research and find out what they are interested in. With this you can choose which poems closely relate to their interests and begin to create a strong following.

As you begin to develop your blog, you have the option of creating your own site OR utilizing many of the free sites available today such as Tumblr, Ezine, Posterous, Squidoo, etc. These sites offer not only a platform to share your artistic vision but to also directly connect and interact with other bloggers whether it is through poetry or other interests. A great example would be providing feedback when people reply to your post/poetry. This lets them know you are human and that you appreciate them for liking or re-blogging your post/poetry. I believe when you interact with others on your (blog site) it builds a level of trust in you that will make them feel more comfortable. This will result in a greater following and most importantly, loyalty.

(Side Note: Remember all work you would like to publish on any blog should be copyrighted. It will protect your writing from being stolen. It’s always important to protect your work)

Tagging is also an important feature to utilize when creating exposure for your blog. Tagging allows you to associate keywords and/or terms with a particular poem. For instance, take a look at the following poem by a poetry artist.

The Meaning of Her

The cool breeze finally came and

now he takes all his knowledge he

knows about her and use it against

her to love her.He cherish the day they

met. Slowly but surely he realizes he is

beginning to love her.Afraid to give her less

than she deserve he does what he knows best

give his all.If her love cost friendships with others

he will risk it all for he really believes in her.

A lost angel that happen to bump into a man

searching for love,her being a lost angel trap on

earth he finds ways to keep her here by creating more

sins for her so God will push her away.

She provides miracles for him by giving him something

he never knew exist “LOVE”

An appropriate tag would be #meaning, #poetryartist #poetry, #love, #prose etc. But tagging becomes even more valuable when you think beyond the appropriate terms and get a bit more creative. For instance you could also tag with #her, #sins, #coolbreeze, etc.

Tagging becomes an immeasurable tool of how well you can market your poem. Each poem will hold a different amount of tags. It is your job to be creative and to find the correct tags that will allow your work to be viewed by the masses.

Ultimately, your poetry blog is a means to market yourself and your art. Everyone may not enjoy your work but it is important to remain authentic and cater to those who are loyal to you while also being fearless in your pursuit to share your work with new people.

Always having faith and believe that something great will happen. This is something to always carry with you through life and it is no different when creating something that you’re passionate about. Remain motivated and something will come out of all of your hard work. Life has inspired your words and now it’s time to share what you’ve learned with others and generations to come.

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