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Writing Great Copy For Your Email Marketing

Powerful email marketing is the next generation in customer relationship management. You’ll have the ability to reach out to your customers instantaneously, rather than waiting days for snail mail to place a postcard in a mailbox (which of course only sits there until it’s thrown out with the other trash). There are many aspects to creating an effective email marketing campaign, but one of the most important components is the copy you create. Here are some tips to get yourself started on the way to getting your message across to your customers.

Proofread: We’ll put this one first, because it’s one of the most commonly made mistakes, and one that can be very easily remedied. PROOFREAD! Do you think your customers will respect you if you send out emails full of errors? Before you hit send, take a few minutes to read through the text, keeping an eye out for grammar and spelling. Even better, have a colleague glance over it, and you’ll benefit from a whole new perspective.

Get to the Point: There’s no need to waste anybody’s time. In other words, cut to the chase: tell folks exactly what you’re writing about in the first few lines of the email, so they can decide whether it’s worth their time to keep reading or not. In the long run, your customers will pay much more attention to future emails if you’ve shown them the respect they deserve. Email marketing is a long term proposition, so be prepared to wait a few mailings before converting.

Make Use of the Subject: The most important copy of the entire email isn’t even part of the body; it’s the little bit that your reader will check out as they decide whether it’s worth their time to open the email or not. Here’s a hint: you’d be well-advised to make moves toward the former. You can spend hours and hours writing brilliant copy for the message itself, but that will be worth nothing if your customers don’t bother opening it up based on the boring subject line.

Show, Don’t Tell: This rule goes for pretty much any copy that you write. You don’t want to bore your customers with bland descriptions of products-let their imagination roam as you show them what you’re selling.

Don’t Talk Down: Keep your language simple, unless you’re talking to people who regularly use an advanced vocabulary. You shouldn’t give the impression that you’re talking down-treat your customers as equals. One of the most important rules of good copywriting is making the reader feel important. Massage their ego just a bit, and you’ll likely have a customer clicking through to a sale.

Include Links to the Products Being Sold: This doesn’t exactly fall into the category of copywriting per se, but it’s important enough to mention anyway. You need to provide links that enable instant gratification. In other words, your customers should be able to immediately purchase whatever product you’re telling them about in the email.

Follow these copy tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a great email marketing campaign. Check out our other articles for more hints to get you started.

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