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Work From Home Blogs For an Online Business

I stumbled across this way to make money almost by accident. I started a blog about my diet that I was on. It was nothing too elaborate – just a simple blog that cost me nothing to set up. As I started getting visitors I was looking at my site and began to wonder if there was a way to make money from my blog.

Work from home blogs are nothing new but to me it was very exciting to see all these people reading my blog. It also kept me strictly to my diet as I was being followed by my online readers. One day while I was posting to my blog there was a message on the dashboard from those nice people at Google suggesting I make money from my blog. The idea was to add something called AdSense to my blog. These are the adverts you see on some websites.

It was free to sign up and very easy to put the AdSense onto my blog. The really clever thing about AdSense is that it can pick up the theme of your website and display only adverts that relate to that theme. This makes it more likely that you will get people clicking on these ads. When someone visits my site and clicks on one of these ads Google pays me a tiny cut of the revenue for that advert.

So I found my diet blog was now earning me a bit of money. It was only a few pence to start with but as time went on more visitors turned into more income. So what you can do is start with one blog and get that going. You then add blogs to your portfolio about things that interest you and just post regularly to each blog.

You can see how easily work from home blogs can provide you with a small but easy online income,

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