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Why Sell Coaching Instead of eBooks?

Why is it important that you market your coaching program differently than you might market an eBook or an affiliate program?

I believe the biggest reason for that is that with an eBook or an affiliate product, you are looking for either a one time sale, or you are using that sale as the beginning (or part of) a funnel series.

But with coaching, you are not looking for a one-time sale, instead you are looking for a relationship with someone.

Someone who trusts you enough to make more than one one time payment. Someone who will pay you month after month for the coaching you deliver, and will continue to come back to you for advice.

And in my opinion, that is very different than a one time purchase.

So what are some of the things you would do when marketing for the purpose of selling coaching?

1) Your marketing should be focused on presenting you as the expert, not as a seller of books and services. You see, people come to you for help because you are an expert at what they need help with, not because you sell an eBook on the topic. If they want an eBook on the topic, there are plenty of those around. But if they want personal help, they want it from someone who is an expert, not just an author.

2) Your marketing should be done in such a way that you are able to build a long term relationship with someone, starting immediately, not waiting until they become a paying client. One way I do that is I give people an opportunity to download a free eBook or recording from me in exchange for joining an email list. On the email list, I give them opportunities to communicate directly with me via email (basically getting free coaching). This allows me to build trust and rapport with people in my niche, and when some of those individuals is ready for coaching, they come to me instead of going to someone else.

That is critical – because coaching is based on a relationship, not a one time sale.

3) Your marketing must be consistent with the image you want to present to your niche. You see, one of the mistakes I see many coaches making is that they say they teach one thing – but in their own email campaign or sales material they are doing something else. If what you teach is good enough for your client, it should be good enough for you. So do what you say!

I’d like to take a moment here and talk about why it is better to package your knowledge and experience together as a coaching program rather than an eBook.

You see, most people will hardly read your eBook. They might read a chapter or 2, then think, this is good stuff, but I don’t have time for it.

Of course they have the time, just not the patience to read!

The bottom line is, they don’t get the results they are looking for with the eBook, so they end up looking to someone else to coach them.

Because what they really want is results, not an eBook (or a coaching program) – they really want results.

But they aren’t going to get the results from just reading your eBook.

They need your help – real help, you taking them by the hand and working with them personally.

And if you present yourself as simply having an eBook that has all the answers – you are actually cutting your clients short, because they aren’t really getting the results they need.

Think about it from your own perspective. Do you learn better by learning it from an eBook, or from working with someone personally that can tell you where you are going wrong, point you in the right direction, even motivate you from time to time if you are discouraged?

Of course you learn better when working with someone personally – so I definitely recommend doing just that for your clients – make it easy for them to work with you personally as the first way they work with you, instead of trying to get them to buy an eBook first.

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