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Why Playing WoW Is Better Than Working for Minimum Wage

Today working from home is a multi-million if not billion dollar industry and gaming is a huge part of that. If you do not know what Internet Marketing is you may want to look into it because it can be done on any subject, any topic, and almost everything else that you can think of. Marketing things online has the potential to reach millions of people across the Internet and bring in tons of revenue.

Imagine saving money on gas, daycare, and being your own boss. No work schedules that you do not agree with, no maximum vacation days, no annoying co-workers to deal with, no long commutes, and many more benefits come with those who work from home.

So how do you do it with World of Warcraft?

There are many ways you can accomplish making money online from home with World of Warcraft. Let's go over a few ways that I'm not going to tell you about but you could look into.

1) Farm Gold and sell it (not advised)
2) Power level characters and sell them (not advised)
3) Commit Auction House Arbitrage (not advised)

I'm not going to tell you how to do the above things or even explain what they are because they violate the EULA and I would not recommend doing any of them.

What I'm going to recommend is that you share your knowledge with the WoW Community and write. You can write guides, you can write articles, you can write whatever you want and make it World of Warcraft or gaming related and make money off it. Whether you're interested in revenue sharing, game cards, or want a lump some cash amount for everything you write it makes no difference as long as you do not have to go to a crappy job from 9-5 everyday and listen to a Boss.

There is an infinite amount of knowledge to share with the community and an infinite amount of individual viewpoints you can share on aspects of the game where you could write at least one thing a day which takes <1 hour of your time and make as much as You would in 8 hours at McDonalds (but only if you're a good writer and your topic is hot).

For those of you looking to get out of the boring routine of your day-job, there are other ways out there. A lot of people are getting into working from home and running their own personal blogs or sharing their experience and knowledge through writing. If you can talk, then you can write!

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