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Why Personalize Your Email Marketing Letters?

Have you ever received a marketing email from a company that does not have your name on it anywhere? This is a telltale sign that the email was sent by some kind of email marketing software that does not allow for personalization. That is also a telltale sign that the business sending the email may not be legitimate or they may not have all of their ducks in a row.

To really pluck on the heart strings of your prospects, you need to personalize the emails you send. This means that their name needs to be in the subject line and that the salutation should say, "Dear Mr. Smith" or "Hi, John" instead of, "Dear Future Customer" or something else that applies to anyone and everyone. You have to make them feel special because companies that make people feel special are companies that are successful.

How to Personalize

Some of the most successful email marketers use personalization. They can do this in one of several ways:

  • Successful email marketers will send the emails one-by-one. When they send the email, they will write the recipients name in the salutation and they may include something such as the recipient's logo or other information that is specific to the recipient's company. This shows that the sender paid special attention to that email.
  • If you have a location that is close to the recipient's, you can incorporate a map and directions from their place to yours. This again shows that you paid special attention to this email. You took the time and the effort to map out the directions from their place to yours. This tells them that you really want them to pay a visit to your establishment. It makes them feel welcome and makes them feel so special that you took that time to make things easier on them.
  • If you must mass distribute emails through email marketing software, there are software programs out there that will extract information from your list database. The names are then automatically placed within the salutation (or wherever you want). This is very efficient and many individuals may not notice that the email was not sent by hand. Incorporating logos and other specific information is not possible, but their name will be used. Just make sure that all of your data is correct because you can damage your campaign if it is not. Incorrect information tells the recipient, "They know nothing about me." If you have missing data, then have some default data that could apply to anyone.

Smart Marketing

Always make sure that super sensitive information is avoided. Nothing such as financial or personal information should be included in the email. It is that that frightens prospects because they wonder how you were able to acquire so much information about them. They want you to know just enough on a business level so that you can connect with them. You want to use a little bit of psychology on them with your email because that is what marketing is. Marketing is psychology, so you need to know how to personalize and construct the email in a way that speaks to them. If it does not speak to them, they will simply move on. The main way it is going to speak to them is if it says their name.

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