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Why Ebook Covers Are A Waste Of Time

An ebook cover is an image of a book that's created for the purposes of showing a potential customer something tangible when selling an information product. Images are used in a similar way when selling audio and video courses as well as membership cards.

Lots of internet marketers will tell you that their conversion rates are higher when using images, audio and video on their sites. Giving a potential customer something to look at is sure to help our conversion rates too.

You've probably heard the saying 'Do not judge a book by its cover?'

The problem is that you, me and most other surfers do judge a book by its cover! EBook covers are no different and this is why you could be wasting your time using one!

I've seen loads of extremely poorly designed ebook covers (read CD covers and DVD covers as well) and I am certain that if the site owner actually tested the conversion rates they would find that the pages without the covers would better conversion rates.

There are essentially 2 options for obtaining an ebook cover for your product:

1. Do It Yourself.

This seems to be the origin of most of the poor quality covers on display. You either need to have a particularly good graphic design background or use Photoshop actions with some good basic design skills. I imagine the reasons marketers use or cheap software is to save money.

2. Hire A Graphic Designer.

By employing a proper graphic designer to do your work you can be assured of good quality images. You will have to pay for the service although this need not be huge sums of money.

Bottom line is this:

People will judge the quality of your product on the quality of your image representing that image. Whiche option you choose to employ your final image must be of sufficient quality to help persuade your visitors of the value of your offer.

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