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Why Do Most People Fail

Chances are you know of someone who has tried a work from home business opportunity or two and failed. Maybe you are one of them?

Let me share a sad statistic fact with you.

Out of every 100 people who begin a new work from home opportunity:

96 will do nothing with the information that they have bought and have given!

2 will begin to do something with the information, but will give up.

2 will be persistent at their work from home opportunity and will secure for themselves and family an amazing second income or substantive full time income.

This is an unbelievable fact. The majority of the 98 who did nothing and brave up will more than likely have negative things to say about the relevant work from home opportunity they tried. This is because they know that they have failed and have given up. It is basic human psychology to be negative towards something you have not been successful at. So the result is that you have 98 people with negative things to say and only 2 with nothing but positive and encouraging words to pass on. In such a situation it is difficult to hear the positive message over the negative one.

And this is exactly why we are a society of cynics and non-believers.

People who are successful at work from home opportunities are not more intelligent than you or have some magical gift that you do not possess. They just decided to act on the information they were given, learnt it and then did it. You see, whilst so many of us wish for something better, only a few of us are willing to do what it takes to be a successful work from home business owner. Money does not come easily, I can assure of that. It can do over time, but you really have to want it and really have to work at it.

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