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Why Audio – In Internet Marketing?

No doubt you have seen an increase in the amount of audio and video marketing on the internet in 2007. There are many effective uses of audio which include:


Audio e-books

Audio greetings on web sites


Audio narration (for audio learners and vision impaired)

And others

So when we see an audio increase … what is the actual “net” result? (no pun intended)

Some of the good that has come out of this is a decrease in cheesy auto-loading MIDI music files. Although this was common in the late 90’s, it was never a “cool” element in web development, or in internet marketing.

Another advancement is that internet marketers who promote their products via “long copy” sales pages can now deliver their message in a more personal way.

Have you ever gone to a long-copy web site and scrolled past all the details just because there was so much reading? It happens often. Typically we want them to “cut to the chase” and be brief!

Internet Marketing is rapidly evolving. And perhaps those long text-based sales copy pages will soon be a thing of the past. While audio itself is not new … the trend of great sounding audio in many aspects of internet marketing, is growing FAST.

Also on the “good” side of audio … audio is a passive medium. You can actively listen to a recording while still being focused on a second task such as driving, doing paperwork, or playing a game of solitaire on your computer. (Reading requires more focus.)

Creating audio also forces the developer to critique their work further (with a higher level of proofing) produces better quality COPY or CONTENT for the consumer.

Now while we have all these positives there are also negatives.

For example, a quality audio takes more time to create than text. So internet marketers have to spend more time on their own marketing efforts.

Another drawback is that since the average person doesn’t have a recording studio in their home, they might shy away from audio entirely. There are other reasons (shy) marketers aren’t yet adopting audio which also might include confidence (or lack of it). Since public speaking is one of the top fears of most people, recording your own voice might be completely out of the question for some of us. Some people also don’t like the sound of their own voice, or perhaps English isn’t their first language.

But these reasons don’t have to hold back successful internet marketers. With the explosion in podcasting and other forms of internet audio, there is also a growth in service providers to meet this need. This includes everything from royalty-free music backgrounds, custom narrations, to new hardware and software designs to meet the need of consumers.

So even if you aren’t able to produce your own audios, professionals are available to help you get the job done quickly and affordably.

Early adopters are always the winners!

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