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Why an Internet Business?

To answer that question I want to share with you where I am as I write this. I’m currently sat on a sun lounger by the pool of our hotel in Egypt. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, a slight breeze, which is nice as the temperature is 46. My little boy Joshua is having a nap so me and his mum are enjoying some quiet sun bathing time. I’m not telling you this to gloat by any means but to get across my point and to answer the question “Why an Internet Business?”

Let me explain…

Take a traditional business like some kind of shop. For the sake of my example let us use a clothes shop. As the shop owner you have to get up on Monday morning and get down and open your shop. You then have to wait in your shop all day in the hope that people will come inside and buy your clothes. This you will repeat probably 6 days a week. This may well suit some people but to me it sounds like some sort of punishment!

Here is why the Internet is a revolution for people like me that don’t want to be sat in one place from 9-5, 6 days a week. I’m on holiday and my business is still running. I didn’t have to open my shop this morning because my shop is always open. It never closes. Whatever I’m doing my websites are running, coming up in front of people that are searching for what I am selling. The automation of my business doesn’t end there. When someone is expressing an interest in what I promote they enter their name and email for more information. Again regardless of what I’m doing my autoresponder is working for me and will email more details about me and how I make money to the person enquiring. It doesn’t even end there. One of the unique points of the systems I promote are that they come with a PBA – Personal Business Assistant. These guys will call back your leads for you and close your sales for you too!

It may seem to good to be true and I try to keep my feet on the ground when I think about all the people in this world who trade their time for money, going out everyday to a 9-5 job to make just enough money to survive. There is a better way and you owe it to yourself to make a better life for you and your family.

Let me show you what I do. Let me show you how I help people just like you to achieve their goals and much much more.

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