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Which EBay Classified Ad's Get The Most Clicks?

Now that you've started experimenting with classified ads on eBay, it's time to see if it's possible to squeeze a bit more out of your title to get the best response and the most clicks.

After all, the more people you get looking at your ad, then the more likely you are to make some sales!

As you know, most people who list classified ads are promoting other peoples products and earning an affiliate commission. If you are like most people starting out with classified ads you start with the name of the product in your title.

That's an OK start, but to really get more clicks you need to be a little more creative.

Let's have a little quiz so I can show you what I mean. Which classified ad do you think would get you the most clicks out of the following?

Google Cash Review


Google Cash – How to Make Money – my Honest Review

Ok, OK that was a little too easy. Obviously the second title is much more appealing because even if you did not know what Google Cash was, you might still click on the ad to see how it could make you money.

Then what about this title

10 Free 'Google Cash' Money Tips – Sneak Peak Review

Ohhh, I bet you know the answer now!

You see the trick for getting more clicks on your classified ad is to give your potential customers something they want: a sneak peak, a review, tips (or all three as in the last title example). The more that you give them; the more likely they are to trust your opinion and buy your product (or the product that you are promoting).

But the title is not the only thing that can help get more clicks on your ads!

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