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Where To Find Top Online Surveys

There are many places on the web claiming that they will pay you simply for giving your opinion. It is important that you distinguish between the scams and the legitimate top online surveys companies.

How To Spot Survey Scams

It is highly important that you learn how to spot survey scams. There are some legitimate survey companies that you can pay for, however, you must do some research on these companies before you give them your hard earned money. Legitimate survey companies will give you a pre-qualification survey to see what surveys you qualify for.

How Much Can I Earn?

It all depends on how much money you put into filling out surveys. Some people have made a living from filling out surveys alone! For most, filling out surveys is not a very fun day-job, however, a decent income can be made in your spare time. There are some surveys & focus groups that will pay up to $ 100 for a survey! So the opportunities are endless.

Pros & The Cons Of Surveys


O Receiving money simply for giving a simple opinion is really easy way to get money.

O You get to contribute your opinion to make products and stores better for the rest of the public

O There are an unlimited amount of opportunities, in fact, once you sign up with these paid survey companies, your inbox will be flooded with survey opportunities.

O Whether you're a stay at home mom, college student, or just need some part-time income, you can take surveys whenever you want.


O Filling out surveys can prove to be very boring

O Some surveys will not interest you at all

O In the beginning finding a survey that you qualify for can be rather tedious

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