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What's the Trick to Having Explosive Success Building a Network Marketing Company Online?

Have you ever been to a magic show and sat there completely amazed at the out of the trick. Whether it is a slight of hand trick, card trick, or something or someone that disappears, did not it seem remarkable? Until someone showed you how it was done. Once revealed, the trick did not seem that impressive anymore. In fact, anyone could do the same trick and get the same outlet.

That's how it is in network marketing. Most people are amazed at the results of some marketers. And wonder why they are not building their businesses with the same gusto. Perhaps they are trying to build their business the old fashioned way. Check this out … At Christmas one year, a particular family was blessed with a number of generations present at dinner. There was great grandma, grandma, mom, and her daughter. When it was time to cook the roast, mom stand in the kitchen and cut two inches off of one side and two inches of the other side of the roast before putting the roast in the pan. Her daughter asked her, "Mommy, why do you cut off two inches from both sides of the roast before putting it in the pan?" Mom replied, "Grandmom always trimmed the roast before cooking it" .. The little daughter asked Grandmom, "why did you trim the roast too, Grandmom?" Grandmom turned and looked at great Grandmom and asked the same question. Great Grandmom started to laugh and said, "because my pan was too small!"

The point is obvious. Many network marketers use the same marketing strategies as past networkers simply because that's what most people do! Well, given that many people have less than stellar results using these older principals, why would you want to duplicate failure? Instead, pick and choose the strategies you use from the "old school" strategies, and incorporate new strategies as well. For example, there is nothing wrong with approaching people you know. However, to immediately contact everyone you know as a new rep will certainly give you a great deal of failure and rejection because most family members want you to PROVE your success before jumping in with you. Unfortunately most uplines will insure that you contact everyone you know because that is what they were taught! With today's internet allowing a great deal of different types of strategies, success can be a click away. It's all a matter of how much success you want. How willing you are to learn and then apply those techniques in your business.

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