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What You Need to Know About Social Media – Bookmarking and Networking

Although the age of Web 2.0 has come and gone, the sites that marked this period of Internet history – social media sites – are still going strong.

Social media generally refers to one of two thing – bookmarking or networking. Each type of social media offers unique opportunities in terms of search engine marketing.

Social bookmarking sites include Digg,, and Yahoo! Buzz. These sites have basically built on the premise of saving your “favorites” or bookmarking a page you enjoy. Users simply mark a page that they like, and that page is then shared with their contacts on that social bookmarking site. For example, a person reading your article might “Digg it,” and your article will then be displayed on their friends’ screens as a suggestion. Social bookmarking is an easy way to build inbound links and direct traffic to content on your page.

Social networking, on the other hand, is used to describe community-based sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. These sites allow users to find “friends” or “connections” with whom they share messages, photos, videos, links, updates and other information. These virtual networks contribute greatly to the ability of a story, video, song, or other form of media to “go viral” because every person who adds a link to the item automatically shares it with their network. Most websites could benefit from developing a profile on the social networks that cater to their target audience. Social networking is a great way to meet new followers, share information about your product, create inbound links, and generate more traffic to your site.

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