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What the Internet Gurus Do not Tell You

The Secrets of Internet Marketing

The Secrets to Internet Marketing, which I'm giving you here for free, are:

O Identify a need. It may be a product or a service. A product can be anything from an Angel Fish to a Zebra saddle. A service should save time or money (time is money). It could be software to reduce time-consuming processes or to make a process easier to do.

O The product or service should be consumable or lead to the sell of back-end products. I use disposable cameras when on vacation. The reason I use them is because after I've driven exactly fifty-seven down the Interstate I remember that I left the blasted camera on my desk again. The point is that you want the customer to come back and buy more stuff.

O Do a market survey to make sure your product is really needed. You can search the Internet to see what your competition would be. There are two theories here. The More the Merrier Theory looks at considerable competition and says, "See, everyone needs one of these babies." The Niche Market Theory says, "Whoa! There is too much competition here for me." Most gurus say that the second theory is the best one. A number of them started in a niche market and then broadened out.

O Learn how to write a persuasive sales letter. It must grab attention quickly or your potential buyer will be long gone before you ever pitch the product. Do not forget to mention your humble beginnings – back when you were starving to death. From what I see every day, the letter should be tediously long. At the end it should be begging you not to leave the site without buying the product. It also should include a list of free products that go with the bundle. Make sure your product has a money-back guarantee.

O Design a web site. It can be simple. Study other websites first and see what they are doing. Beginners can use PayPal. They make it easy for you.

O Be able to collect visitor's names when they come to your site. Most gurus give away a newsletter which they use to sell you products. Your newsletter should do two things: (1) It should give good free information. (2) It should pitch your products.

O You should start an affiliate program so that others are selling your product for you. You need to give them a cut of your profits. A 50% minimum is required by most affiliates (but there are exceptions).

O You must drive traffic to your site. If you do all of the above without driving traffic to your site, how much money will you make? And the answer is: Not One Red Cent. You can not sell what nobody sees. Just because you put your site on the Internet does not mean that hoards of visitors will come to see your great offering.

O Automate your site operations. That will give you more time on your 60-foot yacht.

What gurus may not tell you:

1. They often use professionals to drive traffic to their site. If they send you to a professional's site, they get a commission.

2. They have many arrangements with other gurus and sites to bring them profits. They usually mention these as Joint Ventures but they do not always emphasize how important they can be.

3. If a guru says, "I made $ 36,000.00 in 36 hours from scratch." They mean that he send out a special offer to his huge mailing list that it took him seven years to build.

4. If a guru says that he spends most of his time sipping lemonade on his yacht, he means that he works his butt off building joint adventures and driving traffic to his site.

5. If a guru says, "You can make big money being my affiliate," he means. Let me put you on my list of affiliates so that I can sell you all kinds of stuff.

6. If a guru tells you that everything that you need to get rich is in his course and then sends you an email offering his special attention for a large fee, he must have left something out, right?

One thing that gurus tell you is that a niche market is the way to start and be successful on the Internet. Well, they are right. My son is a veterinarian. He has 13 kids, 9 adopted. He needs lots of dough to feed them and for gas to drive them around, etc. He is also a musician and has many contacts on the Internet. We set him up in a few hours. He contacted his friends and has been selling from day one. That is how you can be successful in your niche market. Just ask any guru.

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