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What Makes You a Unique Network Marketer?

With over 4,800 network marketing companies and millions of network marketers affiliated with those companies, what exactly is it that makes you different from all the rest? Why should someone join you – and your network marketing business – rather than signing-up with someone else?

Do they perceive that you can provide assistance for them to succeed in the business more so than anyone else? Have you built your brand – YOU, INC. – To such a level that they desire to model themselves after what you have done in order that their brand be built?

We all have different talents. The object of succeeding in network marketing is to take a long hard look within ourselves and find that talent we have the most passion for. Once discovered, nourish and nurture it to build your business by others observing your special ability and wanting to associate with you as they recognize themselves in you.

Some of us are great calling strangers and building a relationship over the phone. Others are not. I have never been one to cold call a stranger and work through the awkward silent pauses as the person on the other end of the call is wondering why is this person bothering me.

"Dialing for dollars" was probably not Daegan Smith's favorite pastime so he developed an email marketing system with a distribution of a "guestimated" 200,000. One thing Daegan does do is write creative emails … and, more importantly, creates captivating subject lines to get you to open each one of his emails. (And, look forward to the next one arriving either that afternoon or the next morning.)

One of my team members disseminates a daily quotation and thought provoking question. I – along with countless other people – go searching for this to start the day. She has indeed positioned herself as providing tremendous value with her ability to research and give her readers a compelling reason to keep returning so that her daily posts are not missed. In short, she has found her specialty and is viewed as an expert.

There is no better way to showcase (and uniquely brand) yourself than by becoming literally a video machine. You can easily cut one or two videos a day. And, your being new to the making of videos can only lead to those viewing your video to get to like you even more. They can relate to your uneasiness at first because that is exactly how they would feel were they in front of the webcam.

There is no one in the world exactly like you. No one has your exact talents. Let your uniqueness work for you in building your network marketing business.

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