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What Makes Email Marketing Effective Or Ineffective?

You can perform a very fast and repeated communications to broadcast your website, products or services the way you want it and as many times you want. A very detailed campaign can jump start your business with very little cash or maybe just for free.

What are the secrets to a successful campaign? When you send your emails to a group of people interested on your niche or market, the probabilities of getting them to buy what you offer will be very high. Don’t waste your money or time on people that will not get you anywhere. A great tip is that when you are crafting your email message is to put your customers first name in the headline, this will surely get their attention and increase your rate of response by as much as 50%. Also you can keep their interest if you keep mentioning their names throughout the text of the message. You have to be conscious that people get swarmed with emails every day, so you need to make yours different if you want to be seen.

A headline must have all the ingredients to catch the eyes of the reader. People keep forgetting that a title is the first thing a person will see from your message. If it doesn’t click in their minds, your message will be most likely passed over or tossed to the recycle bin. You could have the most interesting and up to date article or message, but if you don’t pull those eyes through your title, your message will never be read.

In your first paragraph you should try to create excitement and a desire to let them know how your product will help them to solve their particular situation or problem. Remember to present benefits, benefits to keep them glued and interested in what you have to say. You need to ask yourself these questions when you are writing; how will they benefit by reading my email? What will they learn? and how I will make their life easier? Think of them and not on you and you will go farther than you think. Remember to use the word “You” and not “I” in your message.

Make it simple and easy for people to read your message. Easy enough for a fifth grader to understand what is your message all about. Test, test and do more testing on your headline, first paragraph but make sure to test one at a time and record your findings. Prepare an effective signature file with your email address, website link, phone number, company name etc, and make it no more than 3 to 4 lines. Humans like to work with humans, don’t get too fancy with voice mails, recording messages, technology is good but nothing better than talking to someone or a face to face conversation. Benefits, benefits, benefits to your customer is what you’re after.

By designing an effective email campaign and keeping what you learned so far in this article will take you farther that you could have never imagined. You may be able to contact thousands and even millions of prospects through a strong email message. Many people have at least one email account, so you stand a big opportunity to reach out and touch many people. But don’t even think for a minute that you are the only one, there are many other that have used these techniques and are refining them every day. Take the time to prepare an outstanding message and give them your unique selling proposition in an informative way and you may be a winner at email marketing.

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