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What is Internet Marketing? And How-To Make a Fortune Online

People don’t usually understand internet marketing. What is internet marketing you might ask? Why is Internet Marketing so Powerful?

Is it just posting things here and there and everywhere you can online? Is it another form of business model?

Is it just online advertising?

I will tell you what Internet Marketing really means. Once you understand what Internet Marketing really means, you will get a better sense of how to use it to get money.

What is Internet Marketing?

Put simply internet marketing is marketing on the internet. What I mean by that is the Internet is the medium here. Just like traditional marketing, using billboard ads, or yellow pages ads, or TV/Radio ads. Internet marketing uses the Internet.

There are numerous of places you can market on the internet. The internet is a big place.

You can use.

  • YouTube
  • Google AdWords
  • Squidoo Pages
  • Ezine-Articles
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Forums…

The list goes on and on and on… wherever there’s a place with people on the internet, there should be a way to “market” it…

So if the Internet is just a medium, What Is Marketing?

Here’s the juice of this article. If the internet is just a medium used, what is the marketing? Marketing is simply moving markets. The act of moving people from here to their, potential market, to create leads. That in the nut shell is what marketing is.

Marketing is just to get leads for your product or service. It is not the selling. Marketing is getting people Into your store… the selling comes later. Marketing is really important because, if you have no people coming to your store, then you have no chance of making a sale. Marketers can just increase the volume of people who sees their product or service, and will increase their sales simply by increasing their marketing.

So you see that Internet Marketing is simply moving people on the internet from one place onto another place. If you have the ability to move people, that’s what true power really is, the ability to move men… if you have that power and know how… you can make a fortune internet marketing online.

The best part about internet marketing is that you can do a lot of it for free. Imagine being able to have no product, and just because you know how to get people from A to B you can make good money online.

That is internet marketing, and that’s why it’s so powerful. Never in the history of man did their was a way for one person to have the ability to contact 3 Billion people… just because he posted something online.

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