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What Are Your Marketing Strategies?

Internet marketing tip is very straight-forward, what are your Marketing Strategies? I wrote a pretty long post talking about the first secret to this entire series of internet marketing.

Assuming that you have read that post, I will move on from there.

The title of the post looks so simple, "What Are Your Marketing Strategies? As you read more, you'll find that this can be a huge topic on it's own.

Let take a step back of the big picture of how this goes.

We talk about Objective, What's your Objective?

Now, we are discussing on, What Are Your Marketing Strategies?

Next, we will be touching on, What Are Your Internet Mrketing Plans?

Most internet marketing experts would have all these 3 component in place when they launched a product, or start an internet business.

During my first year, I knew nothing of this sort, and like everyone else, I just want to see money coming in and just put together a product and started selling it.

Did my product sell? Yes! In fact, it did pretty well, that it's giving me residual income each and every month. And after 18 months now, it's still giving me constant sales …

Month after month!

It was only during my second year of marketing, I start to realize I'm using the entire process unconsciously.

Now that I understand this better, it's giving me a very powerful edge in any market that I'm working on or for my clients.

So, once you define your objective, you can start determine what kinds of internet marketing strategies you want to employ?

Using back the same objective last week, "I want to start making US $ 300 per month from the internet, using only 2 hours per day of my time, and I will do it in 6 months time, by 21st November 2008"

So, what are the kinds of marketing strategies you can think of that can give you such a result?

Take a piece of blank paper, by read this post, follow this exercise.

(Do not PRE-Judge what you like or do not like, just write down all the possibilities first)

Here's some of my examples …

1) Being an affiliate selling other people's product

2) Developed my own products

3) Start an AdSense website, developed 100 in 3 months

4) Offer my skills, get freelance design project from Elance, Guru and others

5) And many others …

For now, I'll only stick to 4.

For your first marketing strategy, you can dig further into it. There are many ways to being an affiliate selling other people's product.

What are those that you can think of?

For that, let's list some examples of marketing strategies.

1) Start a simple blog and start blogging.

2) Create a landing page, drive traffic, capture leads and being an affiliate

3) Create an account in eBay and focus on eBay traffic

4) Create a Squidoo page to sell affiliate products

See! There are many ways to go about it, what are the ways you want?

And if you want, you can dig another level further into it. If you think this is clear enough, what you want is to go through the entire list again.

After you finished with the entire list, and you know there's no other other marketing strategies that you know, you can start to select.

The selection process is very important. Like most internet marketing expert, it's all about knowing yourself and making the choice that you like and suits you.

So, how do you choose? You'll select based on your strengths, your passion and confidence.

Let me explain it further.

What you want is to create a simple table, like this.

So based on your strategies, put them under main and sub marketing strategies.

Then create a column for Strength, Passion and Confidence. After that, what you want is to give each one a score, as shown.

1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest score.

Here's some questions to help you better score them.


What are my strengths?

Are my strengths able to help me to complete this task easier?

Who else do I need help from to complete this task?


Am I passion about doing this?

If after 6 months and I did not make a single cent from this strategy, will I still be doing it?


How confidence will I follow through for this entire strategy?

Do I have any knowledge or experience on this?

Do I have anyone who I can always count on to ask for advice or help?

Hope these questions will help you to score better for one one.

After you have done the scoring system, add up all the numbers and by then, I'm sure you'll know the answer yourself in your heart.

If in any case, you have a tied, then it's totally up to you to choose which one you prefer better.

Most importantly, always remember my internet marketing tip, be Focus! Since this may be your first project or business, focus on one, do it well, learn the ropes, then do more later …

With that, I wish you learn from this article and I look forward to hear any comments or feedbacks.

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