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Welcome to Affiliate Marketing

While affiliate marketing is still a fairly new internet business, it is one that it is growing despite the worldwide recession. As the internet grows, and all indications are that it will continue to grow, affiliate marketing becomes a much more viable way for large and small companies to spend their shrinking advertising dollars.

All those ads you see on websites are from companies willing to pay commission on a per click or per sale basis. Studies have shown that more and more people are doing there shopping via the internet, which can only bode well for those in the affiliate marketing game.

Affiliate marketing is when a company places an ad on an unrelated website – or an affiliate – and pays a commission to that website owner each time a visitor clicks on their ad and / or buys a product.

It seems that laTely, almost everyone is getting on this lucrative business. Big companies like it because instead of paying for expensive advertising on TV or other traditional media where they do not know if their ad will result in a sale, they only pay a commission when a sale is made. the company gets their money and the website owner gets theirs.

You know when affiliate marketing has gone mainstream when social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace advertise that they offer affiliate marketing programs.

Facebook allows companies to find their exact target audience by having an ad placed by age, gender, location and other factors. A company can immediately reach 175 million internet savvy people and pay a pay per click fee to Facebook of between a penny and 59 cents. You can set up an ad in about five minutes and it costs nothing without someone clicks on your ad. The more you pay per click, the more your ad shows up on the pages of its targeted audience.

MySpace has a similar program that has a minimum per click cost of 25 cents and a minimum limit of $ 5 per day.

Of course, chances are you are not generating the kind of internet traffic of a MySpace or Facebook, and that is one of the difficulties in making money with affiliate marketing. Unless you are getting thousands of hits on your site a day, its going to be difficult to bring in the big bucks.

That's why so many affiliate marketing programs are also tied to multi-level marketing programs. This allows entrepreneurs to get tickets not only on the sales from their site, but also by recruiting others to also sell those products. That way you get a commission on your sales and the sales your recruits make. Its one model that allows people to earn a bit more with the affiliate marketing model.

Weather you have a single website and are on your own or part of a mlm program, Be ready to do some heavy-duty marketing and read up on traffic- generating tips because ultimately, If no one visits you again on are not going to happen.

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