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Weight Lifting Workout & Muscle Building Tips

Here are a few inspirational tips for those who dream to become like A.Swarzeneger one day:

Tip # 1: Be cool and active.

keep your mind open. Do not be shelfish. Ask for others opinions, ask questions and be eager to learn more and more
about weight lifting. Scan the web, read magazines and books for more information. Visit the local gym to get some
ideas or some inspiration and motivation from others. when you are training do not allow interruptions
in the flow of exercise from start to finish. Do not rush or hurry. A hurried attitude will cause stress and
anxiety and will make you nervous. As a result your overall performance will decrease.

Tip # 2: Follow a schedule.

Prepare a program and include every weight lifting or other exercise you will practice. Spent equal time every
day for your training. Count the hours you spend every month and stick to your schedule. Do not go too
far. Practice one or two exercises for every body part and try to build all your muscles. Chest, back, biceps,
shoulders, triceps, legs etc.

Tip # 3: Stay focused and committed.

You know its importand to have the right mindset when you workout. Your mental mechanism will support you if
you are focused and determined to succeed. Set a goal, make a promise to yourself, that's vital. Try to keep
your promise. Do not let your training become a boring procedure that has to be done! Be consistent and patient.
Work hard, sense the burn and you will be rewarded.

Tip # 4: Be enthusiastic.

Every exercise you practice is unique and must be treated as unique. That means You have to be centered and
show some entousiasm. Your mood, your job or daily activities play an importand role when
you do your weight lifting workout. Do not let tension and stress follow you and haunt you. Do some mental
work before training and try to put bad feelings or thoughts in the closet! Bad feelings = negative energy =
negative results.

Tip # 5: Be realistic.

When you set your goals you have to be realistic in order to enjoy every weight lifting workout. If you aim
too high you will be disappointed. Start learning your body's behavior and set realistic goals. Put
too much effort and you will ever burnout. If you expect to look like A.Swarzeneger with two months of muscle building
training then you're fooling yourself.

In weight lifting and muscle building you are always alone but at the same time you're together with all the
people out there training and exercising. There's nothing you're going through that everyone who works out
have not gone through at one time or together.

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