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Web Site Traffic Promotion – How to Apply the Principles of Web Site Traffic Promotion – Part 6

Why would your web site visitors ever want to communicate with you again after their first visit?

95% of your visitors will never come back to your site again, unless they found exactly what they were looking for the first time.

That is especially true if you do not know where they came from in the first place, or who they were.

Take a look at the web sites you have bookmarked or added to your favorites list, why did you save them anyway?

– Did you introduce yourself to them along the way,

– Do they stay in contact with you,

– Did you find what you were looking for when you found their site the first time

You do not remember the other ten sites you may have looked at before you found those sites do you?

So what should you do to get visitors to remember your site?

You must learn how to turn your web site visitors into leads, by adding them to your contact list, so you can continue to communicate with them, serve them, build a relationship with them, and market to them until they decide to leave by opting Out or unsubscribing.

You will increase your ability to create profits online exponentially by deciding to design and test a web page that exists for one single reason, to capture the contact information of your visitors, before you give them access to your whole site.

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