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Ways To Use The Color Green To Connect Your Products To The Idea Of Wealth

Colors do more than add interest to the world. They also make us feel a certain way. People associate colors with different qualities on a very subconscious level. Even though they may not realize it is happening, the effect has been proved in scientific studies. There is even a branch of psychology devoted entirely to the study of how colors make people feel. Emotional marketing can use this phenomenon to its advantage by being mindful of the various associations people make with colors.

One good example of this idea is the color green. Green is a color that many people associate with wealth and prestige. Although green is the color of American money, its association with prosperity exists throughout the western world. If you have a product that you want people to associate with the idea of ​​wealth, using dark shades of green is a great way to drive that point home.

You can use green backgrounds in advertisements such as billboards and commercials. Websites should also place a heavy emphasis on green. You can also incorporate green into your logo, stationery, and the decor of your store. When people think of your product, they will not be able to stop themselves from making a subconscious connection to the idea of ​​money and prosperity.

Do not overdo it, however. Too much green is often associated with greed and envy. Use green as a background or packaging color but accent it with other colors as well. Yellow is a great choice because people associate it with confidence and happiness.

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