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Want to Be Rich? You Need a Mentor!

Do you really want to be rich? Or are you just tinkering with the idea. Did you know that everyone who makes it big, has a mentor – someone to tell them how to get rich? Even the "greats" have coaches. Learn the three things you need to do to make working with a mentor successful.

I have had people tell me that they do not want to get rich. They say they just want to make a good income. Or they want only to generate enough to retire comfortably. Sometimes they tell me they want to double their income – but they do not need to know how to get rich.

Others want to be "financially free" so they do not have to worry about paying bills and having enough money to carry out their dreams.

Where do you fit in this picture?

You Must Have A Mentor

No matter how high you want to go on the wealth scale, one thing for sure is that you will need a mentor . You will want to be in some type of coaching program. You can not do it on your own. No one has, and no one does! Every successful individual has mentors.

People who want to be wealthy actively seek out the best and follow them, listen to what they have to say and act on their advice. They do not have just one mentor, they have many – one for each area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir life in which they want to excel!

What do I mean by "mentor"? I like to broaden the use of the word so that it does not just mean someone who has actively chosen to take you under his or her wing. I mean an expert in your field that publishes information; offers workshops, retreats, teleseminars; and makes coaching available.

Regardless of how rich you want to be, you can not get there by yourself. If you think you have to figure it all out on your own, that you are as smart as the experts, you are in for disappointment. Find ways to afford the time and dollars to invest in your success efforts – to achieve the level of comfort or wealth you desire!

Three Steps For Using A Mentor

There are three steps you can use to gain the knowledge of experts / mentors. How far up the scale you go, the urgency with which you do it, and the willingness to use every avenue available to you, determines how successful you will be.

So, find someone in your chosen field that YOU feel is a good fit for you. Narrow your choices down so you are not following a bunch in the same field – a mentor is an individual. Then start up the ladder of success with these three steps.

# 1: LISTEN to Your Expert

Be voracious in finding out everything your chosen mentor has to say. Read what he or she has written – books, ezines, reports. Attend all the free offers – teleseminars, forums, trial mastermind sessions. Purchase their products – the software, templates, workshops.

Be addicted to reading the literature that you bought – not letting it sit there in the to be read pile. Make sure you listened to all the free audio sessions you have collected, instead of letting them collect in a folder. And open that product, study it, get to know everything that is in it. Avail yourself of every avenue extended to you. Become very knowledgeable of what your mentor knows and says.

# 2: ACT on What Your Expert Says

OK, so you know how to think and what to do. But until you act upon what they say, you can not make more money.

It is not about building a massive amount of information before you do something with it. It is not about getting everything just right before you take action. It is not about having to get it all figured out in your head so that you can move forward.

It is about doing it! Elbert Hubbard (American writer and philosopher) said, "The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making them." So, if you want to be rich, move forward, take action and do not worry if it is not perfect. You will achieve your goals much, much faster if you do!

# 3: HIRE Your Expert To Help You

Raymond Aaron, mentor of millionaires, asked a large group of eager workshop attendees recently, "Let us say you wanted to be a figure skater and you wanted to be the best, who would hire you to teach you?"

Many folks answered, Scott Hamilton. But the real answer was not the man himself, but Scott Hamilton's coach.

Even the best experts in the world use a coach – a mentor. They have someone who gives them objective insight, new information, motivation.

And then Raymond asked another question, "If you had a professional (or even a little league) baseball team and it was not doing well, would your fire be a new coach?" And he went on, "Suppose your team was doing very well, winning all of its games, would you fire the coach because you did not need one anymore?"

I have to tell you, those questions were a wake-up call for me. It reminds me that as smart and as capable as we feel, as knowledgeable and industrious as we can be, that the level of success we will achieve (and the speed at which we will achieve our goals) depends directly on how much help we get ! If I, or you, want to be rich, we need to avail ourselves of dedicated individuals who will guide us along the path at warp speed. We need to listen to them, believe them and take action.

The world is your oyster! Your pearl is waiting. Let your mentor help you harvest it.

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