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Vaginal Shaving For Beginners

Shaving your bikini area is all the rage these days and more and more women are opting for the full vaginal shave. The thought of maneuvering around your tender spots with a sharp razor seems daunting at first. Rest assured though, with this quick start guide to vaginal shaving you will be on your way to a smooth mound in no time.

Before reaching for the razor you need to prepare the area. If your pubic hair is longer than ¼ inch you should trim it first. Use a beard trimmer or a pair of sharp scissors to cut the hair as short as possible. Now it’s time to heat things up. Wash your pubic hair with hot water, this will open the pores and allow for a smoother shave.

To allow the razor to move better across the skin apply a pre-shaving oil. Pre-shaving oil builds up a slippery surface on which to layer your shaving foam, protecting your skin from harsh razor blades.

Apply shaving foam or gel without washing the pre shave oil off first and start shaving with the grain. You want to start on your lower abdomen and working down to the vaginal lips. Be careful around the vaginal lips and clitoris to prevent cuts. Protect tender bits by placing fingers over them while shaving in that area.

Follow up by shaving once more against the grain proceeding just like before. After this, wash the area with very cold water. This will allow pores to close and prevent irritation.

Dry the area and apply a soothing after shave moisturizer.A cooling spray containing Aloe Very to sooth irritated skin and/or witch hazel to prevent inflammation works best. Keep the area dry and clean to prevent irritation.

Shaving irritation is quite common the first few times you shave your pubic area. The skin is very sensitive and has to get used to the assault with a sharp razor. If razor burn does occur apply after shave moisturizers to the affected area once or twice per day until the itching stops. Don’t be disheartened razor burn will almost be completely extinct within a few regular shaving sessions.

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